BATTERY Episode #08

Here’s Shunji Mizugaki and it seems that he wasn’t impressed with Takumi Harada’s pitching in the long run. What’s the reason then?

Well, it turns out that Harada’s strained relationship with Gou Nagakura is getting worse. Oh and speaking of Gou, let’s not forget that he’s starting to lose his grip when catching Takumi’s fastballs!

Of course, there’s more to these shortcomings as Takumi has issues that are far worse than just having a falling out with his catcher.

In any case, Harada might be good at striking out batters in the earlier parts of the game, but he’s getting weaker in later innings that his pitch got hit.

Well, so much for Takumi’s claim of doing a no-hitter for this exhibition match!

And look, Yokoteni scored a run which is very demoralizing for Nitta East Middle School. If this continues, Yokoteni will score 10 or more runs before Nitta East forfeit the match.

Well, they won’t need to as the coach from Yokoteni Middle School came here to stop the match. Yeah, Shugo Kadowaki will be in trouble for this!

Speaking of Kadowaki, he’s not amused at Harada’s performance on the mound. I mean look at Takumi’s face, he looked so pathetic after his pitch got hit and scored a run!

With that said, I think Takumi won’t accept this reality check just yet. Of course, his catcher Gou has some problems of his own…

In fact, Coach Tomura told him that he can only catch Takumi pitches at reduced speeds.

Yeah, it seems that the coach saw how problematic Nagakura is when it comes to getting a clean catch on fastballs.

On the other hand, Coach Tomura is considering Nobuhiro Yoshisada as a replacement for Gou Nagakura.

While Yoshisada claim that he can catch Harada’s pitches better, It’s up to Takumi on whether he’ll accept Nobuhiro as his battery-mate or not.

Lastly, here’s Shugo Kadowaki meeting up with Shunji Mizugaki. While their relationship isn’t as strained as Takumi’s relationship with Gou, it seems that their next baseball game will be the last time they’ll play together.

Speaking of Yokoteni’s next match, they’re planning to ask Nitta East again on holding another exhibition and this time, both middle schools be involved should their respective principals agree to hold an official game.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week and I’m hoping that both Harada and Nagakura will sort their problems out not only for themselves, but for each other!

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