Alderamin on the Sky Episode #09

This is 1st Lt. Senpa Sazaluf and while he would like to be called as “Captain”, 1st Lt. Sazaluf isn’t Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida as he prefer to handle the Sinack conflict in his own way…

…like ordering his men to burn their village using fire spirits so that the retreating guerrillas won’t have any place to hid nor resupply.

But don’t worry though, no Sinack tribesmen were hurt upon razing their village like a giant bonfire!

Instead, they put the local folks to refugee camps. That’ll way, these civilians won’t get caught in a crossfire between Nanaku Daru’s troops and the imperial army.

Of course, most of them don’t like being treated as second-class citizens, like this young boy who vent his anger at Ikta Solork for displacing him and his family…

…before receiving a finger flick by Ikta Solork. Um Ikta, that’s not how you treat a kid!

Heck, Warrant Officer Deinkun Hargunska doesn’t like Ikta Solork’s action against a Sinack tribesman, as he punched his fellow officer that sent Ikta flying!

In any case, Deinkun Hargunska apologized to the little boy as the warrant officer give him a handkerchief to wipe off some blood on his nose.

Remember everyone, be like Deinkun Hargunska as he acts like a true knight by not hurting civilians!

Now let’s move onto the next scene as the Katjvarna Empire are preparing for their decisive battle against the Sinack Tribe.

Of course, Ikta Solork is worried about guerrilla tactics so he suggested to 1st Lt. Senpa Sazaluf on wielding shields to protect themselves from incoming arrows and lead bullets. Sounds like a great idea!

Then again, Nanaku Daru has many ways to defeat the imperial army by unconventional means. After all, she and her fellow tribesmen know how to navigate the mountainous terrain at the back of their hand!

And true to their word, they attack the army without warning. I’m hoping that they have their shields on!

But even so, shields doesn’t work most of the time as they have blind spots, which the enemy will take advantage of it and kill a soldier from there!

Meanwhile, Nanaku Daru is attempting to kill Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida which would demoralize the entire army.

Of course, she’ll have to get past at Yatorishino Igsem first before killing the general. Then again, Lt. General Safida’s death would affect little to the rest of the troops.

What I’m worried about is losing competent leaders like Warrant Officer Deinkun Hargunska as he’s about to fight against a special enemy…

…who are actually assassins led by Kala Karm. They might be part of Nanaku Daru’s army, but their methods are brutal.

Remember Kanna Temari and her fellow reserve troops being trapped to an abandoned fortress? That was Kala Karm’s doing as he rather do the dirty work than Nanaku Daru!

In any case, I’m hoping that Deinkun Hargunska will fend off this assassin! I mean, losing him will be a big blow to the Katjvarna Empire.

Now let’s go back to the battle between Nanaku Daru and Yatorishino Igsem as the sword duel intensifies.

While Nanaku is fighting in an unconventional manner, there’s a rule that swordsmen should never expose their back to the enemy…

…but it turns out that Nanaku is purposely showing her back, which fired a bullet towards Yatorishino. Naturally, she managed to dodge it!

In any case, that costs Nanaku dearly as she got stabbed by Yatorishino in the back! Then again, she survived the attack…

…thanks to her wind spirit Hisha. Unfortunately, Nanaku’s companion will have to sacrifice its life to save tribal leader!

Now let’s got back to Deinkun Hargunska as he received a fatal slash from the assassin. Damn, this ain’t good!

Fortunately, Yatorishino head towards the warrant officer and avenge him from Kala Karm. Then again, he’s done his duties on this battle…

…as Kala Karm and his fellow assassins retreated, including their leader Nanaku Daru.

Well, the battle is over but a few lives were lost from the Katjvarna Empire!

This includes Warrant Officer Deinkun Hargunska as he lost too much blood from his jugular wound and died on the spot. Say it ain’t so!

Anyways, it was a big blow for Katjvarna’s imperial army as they lost a competent man like Deinkun! Without Warrant Officer Hargunska, there’s no one who will mediate between the empire and the Sinack tribe.

Well then, seems that this war within Katjvarna’s northern region has gone worse as if they brought the Vietnam War to this series!

Lastly, here’s Nanaku Daru and while she’s expected to retreat to her village and lick her wounds…

…the tribal leader won’t have a home to return to due to Katjvarna’s scorched earth policy. Anyways, I’ll see you next week!

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