Kuromukuro Episode #22

Oh Jundai Kayahara, you sure are worried on not connecting to the internet and losing viewers, where Kurobe is in big crisis right now!

Also, Efidolg created a barrier surrounding the laboratory, which means that there’s no internet for Kayahara. You sure are an idiot, Jundai-kun!

Meanwhile, looks like Liu Shen Mi is safe but she’s joined by Tom Borden and Sophie Noël on mourning Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki’s death.

Yes, Sebastian was a brave man that he protected Sophie’s life. I’ll miss him so much!

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Koharu-chan tells Kennosuke, Muetta, and Yukina that the Shirahane residence has a special guest. I wonder who this guest is?

Oh wait, I have a feeling that this special guest would make Kennosuke made since he kidnapped Yukihime in the first place.

Then again, this masked demon assisted him and Yukina a few times already!

Anyways, Zeringer Mundef Bischlei is here at Yukina’s home as he tells about Takehito Shirahane and what happened to him. By the way, this is Zel’s face and he looks like an actual demon!

But let’s get onto it as Zeringer met Yukina’s father as he’s setting up a trap and prove that demons exists.

Of course, they would laugh at Takehito Shirahane’s claims as preposterous! I feel bad about Yukina’s father…

In any case, Takehito-san was surprised that a demon like Zeringer exists that he examined the masked demon.

But eventually, both Takehito Shirahane and Zeringer Mundef Bischlei became friends!

Oh yeah, and Zeringer talked about his home planet that was assimilated by Efidolg, as well as the impending conquest of Earth a few years from now.

And so, Zeringer told Takehito-san to warn about Efidolg’s invasion of Earth to his family and friends!

Sadly though, Takehito Shirahane didn’t deliver the message as he got caught in an accident and his body was frozen to death. Yeah, it’s confirmed now and that’s how Zeringer got his watch!

Even if Takehito managed to tell everyone about Zeringer’s warning, they won’t believe him at all until it was too late!

Speaking of Efidolg, Lefil and his fellow Frontier Officers of the Gezon-Reco Force are preparing to activate the hinge stones.

Yeah, this spells doom for the whole humanity if they completed the process!

Oh, and those who are near the hinge stones will be frozen solid. Looks like Efidolg are such cold-hearted people!

Meanwhile, Muetta ran off towards the forest as she’s confused on her true identity.

Come to think of it, I’m thinking Muetta came from a planet that was conquered by Efidolg.

By the way, Muetta isn’t alone as she’s accompanied by Yukina’s pet furret. Of course, Kennosuke and Yukina are worried about her!

Speaking of Yukina-chan, she and Kennosuke are currently searching for Muetta! Oh and to make matters worse, it’s snowing within the Kurobe area which poses a problem…

…like falling off a cliff as Yukina made a slip and fell down. It would be a downer if Yukina-chan fainted until her body is frozen!

Luckily though, Yukina’s pet furret managed to find her so that it can be relayed to Muetta.

What can I say, her furret is a life-saver and now Muetta is about to rescue Yukina Shirahane!

On the other hand, here’s Yukina’s dream sequence as she’s starting to regret about hating her own father.

But you know what, it’s already happened and the only thing she can do right now is to stop Efidolg!

In any case, Yukina-chan woke up where she realized that she’s inside a shack…

…completely naked with Muetta! Um girls, rubbing your own bodies to generate heat might be hot to watch, but it would be better if you make a bonfire.

On the other hand, Muetta is getting teary-eyed about her identity woes. While it won’t be addressed right away, I think Muetta will find out who she really is someday!

For now, Yukina-chan is there to comfort her. But then again, it’s already been addressed that both Yukina Shirahane and Muetta are descenedants to Princess Yukihime.

Oh look, it’s Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma as he finally found Muetta and Yukina-chan!

Then again, he won’t see them in the nude ’cause they’ve finished wearing their clothes. Of course, there’s no time to waste as they need to stop Efidolg from summoning its main forces!

Anyways, next week is a race against time to save Earth from being conquered by aliens!

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