Ange Vierge Episode #09

Here’s Code Ω 00 Euphiria and while she’s planning to make a vaccine in order to stop the virus from destroying the White World, Euphiria wants Code Ω 77 Stella to stop both Code Ω 33 Carene and Code Ω 46 Xenia.

Speaking of Code Ω 77 Stella, she’ll do what Euphiria says because Stella is a tool after all.

You know what, I think Stella should realize that she’s not a tool! For fuckin’ sake, everyone is worried about her!

Hell, even Saya Sougetsu cares about Stella too by slapping her to the face. C’mon, Saya had enough of Stella’s “I’m a tool to everybody” and all that crap!

In any case, Saya-chan told Stella that she’s a precious and irreplaceable friend to her, Amane Ayashiro, and the rest of the UC girls.

But now, Ouroboros are now at the offensive as they attack Saya’s group so that the destruction of System White Eguma will be successful!

Of course, Saya Sougetsu and her fellow UC Progress girls are protecting Code Ω 77 Stella so she can prepare herself to catch both Carene and Xenia, as well as rescuing the White World.

See, this is how her companions work as they protect each other from Ouroboros!

Speaking of Stella, she’s ready to go deeper into the core by going faster than the speed of light! By the way, the sound she makes is similar to a Formula One car.

And also, Sonic the Hedgehog should learn a thing or two from Code Ω 77 Stella on how to go fast. Then again, Sonic is already quick at his feet!

Anyways, let’s hope that Stella will succeed on her mission!

Meanwhile, Carene/Xenia are getting closer on destroying the world crystal. All they need to do is to break the barriers and reach the goal!

Not by a long shot though as Stella is going faster so she can catch up to them.

Then again, Carene/Xenia won’t let her stop their plans on destroying the White World.

After all, they don’t like Stella for declining their invitation to join the Dark Side!

Of course, Code Ω 77 Stella won’t give up just yet as she’s gaining ludicrous speed that she doesn’t mind getting broken into pieces.

Um Stella, Saya Sougetsu and company wants you to come back in one piece once you save the White World! Also, both Carene and Xenia are starting to break up as their synchronization is failing on higher speeds.

In any case, we’re reaching the climax on this week’s episode! Will Code Ω 77 Stella stop both Carene and Xenia by shooting them down?

No, she’ll just hug them just like Elel from Episode 7. Well, that was anti-climatic!

But anyways, Code Ω 33 Carene and Code Ω 46 Xenia are defeated by the power of friendship. And just like the previous one…

…both Carene and Xenia will have their clothes blown-off as they’re freed from the Dark Side! Yes, it’s necessary!

In any case, System White Eguma is finally freed from Ouroboros. On the other hand, Code Ω 77 Stella has gained extreme speed, but she’ll get beaten by Sonic the Hedgehog when he’s Super Sonic or even The Flash!

Well then, there’s two more worlds to be saved and on the next episode, looks like Nya Lapucea will have her own time to shine! Then again, it’ll be the same as in Episodes 4, 6, and 8.

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