Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #10

Well, it seems that Riko Sakaurauchi got invited for a piano competition. Of course, whether she’ll accept the invitation or not is up to her!

For now, summer vacation has arrived as Aqours will go to the beach and relax! I mean, they’re ready to deck out their swimsuits and enjoy themselves!

Just kidding, they’re here to train their bodies for the Love Live! School Idol Competition. Come to think of it, Kanan Matsuura got a nice and sexy body there!

Also, they’ll do part-time jobs at a beach house. Oh yeah, and here’s You Watanabe showing her superb cooking skills!

Gotta say, she’s the best girl ever who can do anything!

Then again, both Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima and Mari Ohara’s cooking might put a person to the hospital. Um girls, let You do the cooking!

On the other hand, Dia Kurosawa is gloating that the meals served at the beach house will become a hit! As Mari would say from one of the Drama CDs, Dia is Money!

If she’s referring to You’s omelet yakisoba, it’ll surely sell. But if Dia is referring to Yohane’s takoyaki balls and Mari’s “shiny” stew, I think she would need to reconsider serving that up.

After doing their part-time job at the beach house, it’s time for some training as Aqours stretched their bodies to its limits and endure it for 15 to 30 minutes!

Then again, some of them couldn’t stay stretched for longer periods. C’mon girls, even Riko can do it too!

Lastly, here’s Chika Takami as she found out that Riko-chan received the invitation for the piano recital, which will happen on the same day as the preliminaries for Love Live! competition.

Anyways, Chika told Riko to go to that piano recital as she and her idol-mates will be fine at the preliminaries, but it seems that Chika’s face shows that she wants Riko to stay!

Of course, this is the part where it got me confused. Sure that Riko hugged Chika-chan which is great, but there’s no indication on whether she would take the invitation or stay at Aqours.

In any case, I hope the next episode will have a clear answer to that. For now, enjoy the Chika x Riko pairing to end this week’s episode!

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