Oh look, it’s Kasumi Chigusa as he found more evidence that the world he sees is actually fake! Let’s hope that he lives!

On the other hand, here’s Ichiya Suzaku moping around like a bitch! Even Asuha Chigusa can’t help him recover!

Anyways, Tokyo is being attacked by the Unknown and I don’t know if they’re the real enemy or something else entirely.

Meanwhile, Ichiya is back in action but he’s being escorted to safety by this guy.

Um mister, Suzaku wants to kill those Unknown so he could avenge Canaria Utara’s death!

Sadly though, this adult personnel got a headshot. I wonder who sniped that guy?

Oh, it’s Kasumi Chigusa and he has some reason for killing an adult. Well, it’s something to do about his views of the world, but Ichiya Suzaku will be pissed at his actions!

Moving onto Asuha Chigusa as she’s struggling to fight off against two leader-type Unknowns by herself.

Now, these two particular Unknowns have some traits from Hotaru Rindou and Maihime Tenkawa.

So that means the Unknown captured the Kanagawa leaders and turn into these monstrosities? Say it ain’t so!

In any case, both Unknowns gang-up on Asuha until they destroyed her code chip. Wait, so they’re just aiming for that chip instead of killing her outright!

Still, Asuha Chigusa is alive and kicking but she’s gonna pass out soon, but not before seeing something strange…

…like Maihime Tenkawa being alive. Don’t tell me that those two Unknowns she faced are Hotaru and Maihime, respectively?

Now let’s go back to Ichiya Suzaku where he found Kasumi Chigusa and beat him up for killing an ally.

For Ichiya, it’s unacceptable that Kasumi did a treacherous act. But for Kasumi however, he’s proving something to him about the world they live in…

…like singing Canaria Utara’s song at this time. Yeah it looks random, but it seems that someone is attracted to Canaria’s song.

Remember this leader-type Unknown from Episode 7? It’s back and you’ll notice that this Unknown not only has Canaria’s hat, but it’s singing her song too!

Wait, I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on. It turns out that this Unknown is actually Canaria Utara!

Hell, even Ichiya can’t believe it that his childhood friend is alive! Then again, Canaria still has that Unknown look.

In any case, Canaria hugged Ichiya after disappearing for so long. It looks awkward, but it’s still heart-warming!

Oh and Canaria destroyed Ichiya’s code chip, which will turn his senses back to normal!

See, Canaria Utara has returned in the flesh. Well it seems that the code chip is actually warping the student’s perception of the world where the sky is blue.

But without the code chip, they saw the world being engulfed in crimson sky with derelict buildings added in for good measure!

Damn, this episode of QUALIDEA CODE is making sense of it all and I suspect that the Unknowns are manipulating the children so they could destroy their comrades posing as enemies. Looks Ichiya would like to question both Airi Yunami and Gutoku Asanagi… if they’re still human beings.

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode and fuck, I’m worried that something worse will happen on the last three episodes!

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