Rewrite Episode #10

Look what we have here, someone went to the forest and destroyed one of Kotori’s familiars! I wonder who did it?

Oh no, it’s Sakuya Ohtori as he went inside Kotori’s secret place with little ease, all thanks to both Gill and Pani which he followed them!

With that said, looks like Sakuya will take Kagari away from Koutarou Tennouji and Kotori Kanbe. After all, she’s the Key to humanity’s future!

But then again, Sakuya decides to serve Kagari and Kotori because he’s a butler.

Oh, and he’ll won’t serve Koutarou as Sakuya will train him instead. C’mon, he considers Tennouji as trash!

Anyways, Kotori told Koutarou to fetch some supplies like food and medicine. I mean, it’s running low now that he, Kagari, and Sakuya are included.

On the other hand, would it be better if Kotori Kanbe finds some fruits to eat?

Moving onto the next scene where Akane Senri invited Koutarou Tennouji and told him to hand over Kagari to her.

Of course, he’s not here to give Kagari to a person from Gaia as Koutarou has unfinished business!

But first, Koutarou let Kagari outside by giving her Key Coffee. By the way, Kagari won’t listen to Akane otherwise as Koutarou befriended her via a canned coffee!

Also Koutarou, I think leaving Kagari outside might pose some problems…

In any case, Koutarou Tennouji is here to grab Akane Senri’s boobies!

Really now Koutarou, are you still doing it after all that shit that happened to you in the previous episodes?

Oh well, he’s gonna do it anyway since Akane promised Koutarou that he’ll grope her tits!

Then again, he’ll pass this time until the conflict between Gaia and Guardian is all over.

Really Koutarou, I think you’ll regret that decision as there’s no second chances!

Meanwhile, looks like the red-hooded thug got some pals to investigate the forest and find the Key.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re part of Gaia, but Kotori’s secret base is in danger of being found!

Fortunately, Lucia Konohana has arrived at the scene to stop those hoodlums!

Of course, she’ll receive punishment later due to violating stand-by orders.

Now then, seems that Lucia will have to take care of this guy as he not only controls wolf familiars, but he can create fire…

…as seen here where he set the forest ablaze. Seriously, if this asshole is part of Gaia, he shouldn’t do that!

Well then, looks like a job for Lucia’s poison hands as she deteriorate the surrounding forest until there’s no life left.

See, there’s no more forest fire as Lucia Konohana destroys the trees until it can no longer burn.

Also, she poisoned this guy for burning the forest. Remember kids, don’t be like him and always put out the fire when it’s no longer needed!

Of course, it’s not yet over as he has a last-ditch effort to kill Lucia…

…by blasting her away. Wow, that thug is so desperate but I’m hoping that Lucia Konohana is okay!

Oh wait, never mind about what I’ve said as she got hit by a spear. Damn, this can’t be happening!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week and I swear that the red-hooded bastard will be dead once Koutarou Tennouji arrives!

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