Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #21

Here’s Governor Koutarou Inagi as he’s signing an autograph from one of his biggest fans.

That fan happened to be Takeru Kuroki. C’mon, Inagi saved Kuroki back then and he’s repaying the governor by becoming a police officer!

Anyways, this episode won’t be focusing on Bird and his shenanigans as Unit 8 are dealing with a Willwear-clad corporate spy. Normally, the police won’t handle such things as espionage unless it threatens national security.

On the other hand, the city of Tokyo is being threatened by protesters of all things, as it turns out that the government are planning to ban high-rise building construction due to environmental concerns. Yeah, they’re pretty much pissed as they’ll get laid off because of the ban!

With that said, Unit 8 will have a hard time dealing with an angry mob and a spy, although it seems that their service is not needed at all.

So, they’ll have to rely on civilians to do the dirty work. As much as Takeru Kuroki wants to give Jirou or Mythos a job like finding the spy, he can’t do that yet as Mythos is still a criminal!

Well, there’s only one person who can do what Jirou couldn’t because of complicated reasons.

Ladies and gentlemen, I re-introduce you to Madoka Amano as she takes the job on finding the corporate spy!

Oh and that blonde guy over there? That’s Madoka’s target as she gives the spy a tip-off for his next heist.

Of course, what Madoka gives him is actually a trap so that Unit 8 will capture the spy!

Meanwhile, here are the protesters as the went to the Diet to state their demands while wearing their Willwears.

Honestly, these guys might cause more trouble or even injure someone!

Fortunately, Governor Koutarou Inagi has arrived to have a dialogue with the protesters.

After all, he’s responsible for proposing the high-rise building construction ban in the first place.

Of course, Governor Inagi is vulnerable without his security personnel. By the way, he told Unit 8 not to intervene as he has a plan…

…like sending the elderly to protect him from the rowdy crowd. It’s crazy, but there’s a reason for it.

It turns out that they don’t want the protesters to use Willwears to harm civilians as it’ll lead to tighter regulations. Naturally, these old people will suffer if Willwear usage is limited.

In any case, looks like the protesters have backed-out for now. However, there’s one threat that needs to be stop!

Yes, I’m talking about the corporate spy as he’s getting confidential information in exchange for money.

Oh and if you noticed, the spy is doing it the old-fashioned way by recording a board meeting using his ears. Would it be better if he could just hack the system and get the files?

Still, the spy must be stopped and Yasuharu Funasaka dons his Oscar IV Willwear unit. By the way, he’s a bit stressed right now!

But hey, Funasaka-san is here to relieve his stress as Oscar IV stops the corporate spy…

…by cutting his grappling wires with a tomahawk. Well, that spy won’t traverse to buildings like a certain Spiderman anymore!

And now, Oscar IV finishes the criminal with a Rider Kick. C’mon, Funasaka watches anime and tokusatsu when he’s a young lad!

In any case, looks like the corporate spy won’t be stealing precious secrets anymore as he’ll be put behind bars.

One more thing, about Governor Inagi’s proposal to ban high-rise building construction? Well, it didn’t happen but Inagi didn’t focus on that proposal as his real aim is to allow civilian companies to assist the metropolitan police via the volunteer authorization system. That too was passed over the building ban.

With that said, it appears that the demonstration regarding the ban was all according to Koutarou Inagi’s plan. What a magnificent bastard that Tokyo governor is!

Anyways, looks like it’s time to focus on Bird or Tomoki Hachijou’s whereabouts on the next episode as Mythos and Takeru Kuroki got a visitor…

…which turned out to be Hinata Yamabuki. I hope that she won’t get caught in a sticky situation when finding Hachijou!

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