Macross Delta Episode #23

Last week, Walkure and the Delta Squadron got ambushed by the Aerial Knights. While they’re safe, the tactical sound unit and Arad Mölders’ wingmen got separated.

Right now, Capt. Mölders is joined by Kaname Buccaneer as they went to an abandoned NUNS garrison base. I have to say that the Windermere Kingdom didn’t use any of the facilities from the New United Nations Spacy.

Meanwhile, the rest of Walkure are eating canned goods together. By the way, this is the first time that Mikumo Guynemer joined both Makina Nakajima and Reina Prowler shared a meal as she mostly eat her food alone.

But you know what, it’s time for Mikumo to feel like a human as Makina makes a prank on her…

…by putting a snowball onto Mikumo’s sexy back. Gotta say, her expression is priceless and it’s nice to see Mikumo acting more human than a tool!

Moving onto Freyja Wion and Mirage Farina Jenius as while they deeply care about Hayate Immelman, let’s just say that Hayate will treat them as friends.

At this point, the love triangle in Macross Delta won’t be resolved as the conflict intensifies!

And speaking of Hayate, he told Freyja and Mirage that the Aerial Knights are here!

By the way, Hayate Immelman putting fake runes is a bad idea, as some of the Aerial Knights can tell that he’s not from Windermere. After all, they have enhances senses over lifespan!

In any case, looks like Walkure and the Delta Squadron have been spotted!

While Arad Mölders and Kaname Buccaneer are safe as they’re inside an abandoned NUNS base, the rest are pretty much doomed if they’re caught!

On the other hand, Mikumo Guynemer shows that she can defend herself from enemies. By the way, Makina Nakajima and Reina Prowler are safe for now as Mikumo told them to run away from the Aerial Knights!

Unfortunately, Mikumo won’t escape from Lord Roid Brehm as he finally found the explanation regarding the Star Singer’s appearance on Ep. 21!

It turns out that according the Lord Roid, Mikumo Guynemer is actually the long-lost Star Singer. DUN DUN DUUUN~!

Yeah, I can’t believe that she’s somewhat connected to the Protoculture. Also, I strongly feel that Roid Brehm will use her instead of Heinz Nerich Windermere as he’s aware of the king’s failing health!

Meanwhile, Freyja, Mirage, and Hayate are finally caught by the Aerial Knights. But instead of being executed on the spot, they’re invited by King Heinz Nerich Windermere II for a dialogue.

Then again, the likes of Bogue Con-Vaart wanted to kill Hayate Immelman for shooting down Cassim Eberhart, as well as Freyja Wion for betraying the fatherland.

Well Bogue, this is war and it can’t be helped regarding Cassim’s death! But you know what, Cassim Eberhart is one of the kindest Aerial Knight around compared to you!

Speaking of Cassim Eberhart, Hermann Cross told Freyja and Wion that his remains were delivered to the family.

Also, I forgot to tell you that Hermann Cross is one of those people who aren’t fanatics compared to Bogue Con-Vaart. Anyways, before they go to the royal palace…

…the prisoners of war are here at the site where the dimensional bomb was dropped at Karlisle, Freyja Wion’s original hometown where she witnessed the explosion first-hand.

And continuing off with the tour as they arrived at the palace to see Wright Immelman’s VF-22 Sturmvogel II, where King Gramia Nerich Windermere recovered the wreckage and restored it as a reminder of Windermere’s dark past.

While Freyja Wion seeing the crater once again was truly tear-jerking (not to mention singing out of grief before Bogue punched her), let’s just say that Wright Immelman was caught in a conspiracy among Windermere’s independence faction, a few corrupt NUNS officials, and the Epsilon Foundation.

And now, I’m gonna leave here as Mikumo Guynemer will be forced to sing by Lord Roid Brehm in order to fulfill his ambition of turning Windermere into the true inheritors of Protoculture.

While I knew that Mikumo will be Heinz’s replacement much of Lord Keith’s annoyance, Roid’s ambition has turned him into a madman! Then again, he’ll realize that the Windermereans might not be the true inheritors at all.

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