NEW GAME! Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Kou Yagami as she spook Aoba Suzukaze on her way to work! Oh Yagami-san…

On the other hand, looks like they bought some doughnuts along the way since it was selling at a half-price!

Also, Hifumi Takimoto bought some doughnuts too. Wait, is Eagle Jump having a donut party on this episode?

Anyways, since Hifumi-sempai and Aoba-chan bought some extra donuts, they decided to share it with Umiko Ahagon and her programming team.

Then again, they came at a wrong time as apart from Umiko-san, everyone is exhausted after hours of debugging!

But hey, Umiko-san is appreciating the doughnut offer that she gave them her mortar shell as a thank-you gift.

How thoughtful Umiko is, but I think that neither Aoba nor Hifumi will join her hobbies anytime soon!

Meanwhile, more employees have bought some doughnuts as Yun Iijima and Hajime Shinoda did the same thing. I guess Eagle Jump will be having a donut party!

Yup, it’s confirmed that they’ll have a donut party as Shizuku Hazuki and Rin Touyama bought some too!

But if you can’t handle a bunch of doughnuts, Hazuki-san brought some rice crackers for those who want a savory flavor.

By the way, where’s Nene Sakura as she’s missing this even out?

Oh, she’s at home because it turns out that it’s Saturday and Eagle Jump forbid her to work in weekends.

Well, looks like Nenecchi is pretty jealous right now as Aocchi is enjoying the donut party at her workplace!

Also, Nene is a bit mad at Aoba for not taking care of herself. Don’t worry though, they’re still friends in the end!

I have to say that Aoba-chan is lucky to have a friend who cares about her, although Nenecchi pouting and doing tsundere antics was so cute!

Anyways, I’ll end today’s post with little demon Aoba Suzukaze, something that Hifumi-sempai won’t want to see it happen!

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