Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #10

Well, looks like Reiri Hida is pissed that her mother Nayuta has returned. Of course, there’s a question on what the doctor is planning to do with the Batlantis Empire.

Speaking of Nayuta Hida, it turns out that she’s a hologram. I wonder what happened to her real body?

It’s sucks that after abandoning her son, Nayuta won’t answer Kizuna’s question on why she left and went to the enemy!

Right now, the Amaterasu team are inside a Batlantis ship and they need to be careful as the enemy has new things to show, like this giant mecha which is actually a Heart Hybrid Gear.

And this girl is the one piloting the giant mecha. Well I have to say that Heart Hybrid Gears/Magitech Armors comes from different shapes and sizes!

Oh yeah, they’re here to capture Aine Chidorigafuchi but Nayuta Hida told them to retreat…

And so, the Batlantis Empire goes back to their dimension for now. Of course, Nayuta told Kizuna that she’ll be waiting at Tokyo, which Reiri plans to recapture it with the help of the West USA’s Masters team!

Well, looks like Zelshione won’t like Nayuta’s decision on retreating her main fleet. Of course, they’ll have another chance later.

Now let’s go back to Ataraxia Academy where Reiri Hida plans to add another member to the Amaterasu team.

So when she gives Kizuna the list of candidates, he found one particular person that you might find it shocking if you prefer well-endowed girls over lolis…

And speaking of lolis, I’m talking about Sylvia Silkcut as she’s one of the candidates to join the Amaterasu team.

All I can say is that she’s not suitable to become a Heart Hybrid Gear user. It’s not like she can’t do it, it’s just that Sylvia is a little girl and most of the viewers won’t like her being groped by Kizuna!

Oh wait, she’s gonna do it with Kizuna-kun! Damn, this is a dangerous situation right here…

In any case, Kizuna Hida brought a core which will contains the Heart Hybrid Gear. Of course, the problem lies with “installing” the core to Sylvia Silkcut!

I mean look at it, she’s ready and I don’t know whether he’ll insert the core to her chest or to her butthole.

Worst of all, Kizuna might put the core inside her crotch! I hope he won’t put it straight to Sylvia’s pussy!

Meanwhile, here’s Aine Chidorigafuchi as she’s moping again due to her identity issues.

I’m sure that Aine will know who she is, but I don’t want her become the enemy to Kizuna Hida!

But let’s go back to Sylvia Silkcut as she’s done with the core installation by Kizuna Hida. Seriously, I don’t know how he put the core onto Sylvia, but it seems that she got a rough sex with him!

Still, Sylvia won’t be joining the big operation anytime soon…

Speaking of the operation, the plan the retake Japan’s capital has begun but it appears that the Batlantis Empire made a preemptive strike against Ataraxia Academy.

But don’t worry though as Scarlet Fairchild and her Masters team will defend the academy!

In any case, it’s now or never as Kizuna and his team are heading towards Tokyo to seal the Entrances.

Of course, he needs to shake off that Magitech enemy away…

…and put all the jamming devices so that the Entrances are completely shut.

Well, looks like Kizuna is done planting all 4 devices and now it’s time to return to his team-mates!

But then again, seems that he went into another dimension. What’s going on, is this a trap set up by Nayuta Hida!?

Anyways, tune in next week to find out!

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