Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Episode #02

Here’s the second episode of this OVA series where Charlotte “Shirley” E. Yeager stayed at Francesca Lucchini’s house for some lunch.

By the way, this is Francesca’s mother Lucchini whose home cooking is the best ever according to her!

Of course, their lunch will be interrupted when Shirley receives a call from the Joint Force stationed at Crete.

It turns out that ships are sinking at the Aegean Sea and there are reports that a Neuroi is hiding at Delos island. Therefore, both Yeager and Lucchini are called for this operation.

Also joining them is the “Star of Africa” Flight Lt. Hanna-Justina Marseille, who is accompanied by Pilot Officer Raisa Pöttgen for this latest mission.

Yeah, these two came from the Afrika Korps and you’ll know what that means…

This operation will be commanded by the Desert Fox himself, Field Marshal Ernst Rommel! Well, he’s basically Erwin Rommel under a different name.

Also joining Field Marshal Rommel is Edytha Neumann who will supervise the operation.

In any case, the operation will consist of the Romagnan Navy bombarding the island where the Neuroi is. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as destroying the Neuroi with shells…

It turns out that the Neuroi can attack warships and hide itself. To make matters worse, Delos island contains ancient ruins and artifacts so bombarding the island is not a good idea according to Francesca Lucchini.

So, the only solution to that is to drop bombs up-close. It might be risky, but it’s better than destroying the whole island!

Then again, this Neuroi has some ace on its sleeve. Seems that it anticipates of being attacked around its neck.

Thus, the Neuroi destroys the bomb with little ease. I guess there’s no other choice but to obliterate Delos island along with the Neuroi!

For Lucchini, it was a lost cause to save Delos island. In fact, that island is very important for Francesca and her family as they visit there countless times!

Meanwhile, time for fanservice courtesy of Hanna-Justina Marseille! Sucks that Charlotte E. Yeager didn’t join in…

Of course, there’s Raisa Pöttgen so it’s all good there! Still, Raisa understands Francesca’s plight of saving the island.

Then again, there’s no turning back now as the day of the operation has arrived. Now if the United Nations exist especially the Hague Convention, both Karlsland and Romagna will have to pay a hefty sum for cultural damages.

On the contrary, looks like both countries won’t be punished as Shirley has another plan to destroy the Neuroi!

In exchange for this reckless action, Charlotte E. Yeager will get court-martial instead.

Anyways, Charlotte found a sunken ship as she has an idea on how to bring down the Neuroi…

…by tying it up with a winch and pull the Neuroi away from Delos island!

Well, it’s a better idea that bombarding the entire island along with the enemy.

Meanwhile, looks like Hanna-Justina Marseille supported Shirley’s idea as she and Raisa Pöttgen assist Yeager on this bold plan…

…by shooting down the Neuroi’s fins so it won’t fire its lasers. Still, it won’t be effective as it’ll come back good as new!

Now back to Charlotte as she finally tied the Neuroi up! Although Shirley managed to complete one step of the plan, the hardest part will be pulling the enemy away…

And to make matters worse, the Neuroi is desperately trying to cut the wire in order to break free.

Well, looks like the enemy is aware of Shirley’s plan but I don’t think the Neuroi will succeed!

Not even on Francesca Lucchini’s watch as she rushed towards the wire…

…and protect it with her own body. Now that’s what I called dedication, but protecting the wire won’t be enough unless they pulled the Neuroi away!

That’s until Field Marshal Ernst Rommel lend the witches a hand by providing power to the winch.

Glad that there are competent commissioned officers who’ll do anything to succeed the operation. However, it’s not enough to pull the enemy off from the island.

Well then, seems that we need witch power to pull the Neuroi away as Charlotte E. Yeager and Hanna-Justina Marseille tug the enemy out of Delos island!

And look, they succeed as the Neuroi is out from its protective shell that is Delos island!

Now, the only thing that Edytha Neumann will do is to order the ships to bombard the Neuroi until its core is destroyed!

Well, that Neuroi is helpless against the might of the Joint Force! Also, Delos island is safe so the whole operation is successful!

And now, it’s time for the witches to do sight-seeing and enjoy the beauty of ancient buildings and statues!

Also, did you know that Francesca Lucchini wanted Charlotte E. Yeager to visit the island together in the first place? Well, they’re doing it right now so to speak!

For Francesca Lucchini, she’s happy that her beloved island is safe from being lost forever. Glad that there’s a happy ending to this episode!

Anyways, that’s about it for Episode 2 of Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow.

Tune in next time for the final episode, although Yoshika Miyafuji won’t do anything other than receiving postcards from her former team-mates!

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