Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #10

Aww, Moeka is so cute that she got a picture together with her grandpa!

Even Subaru and Mizuki can’t believe that Koyama-sensei has a grand-daughter. Also, glad that they didn’t brand their club president as a lolicon!

Meanwhile, this is Takeda-sensei as he’s convincing Usami to become a student council president.

Then again, it’s more like a threat than persuasion and it looks like Mizuki is scared to decline his offer!

Luckily, Uchimaki has arrived to tell Takeda-sensei not to put Usami as a candidate. After all, he’s lonely without Mizi- Wait, he’s into 2D waifus than 3D girls!

In any case, Mizuki was rescued by Subaru-kun. I mean, she’s concentrating of making her masterpiece!

On the other hand, here’s Yumeko Tachibana as she has an angry expression on this episode?

What could it be perhaps? Regarding the “treasure” from last week’s episode? No, it’s already been resolved!

Instead, Yumeko-sensei is concerned about Subaru and Colette’s failing exam scores, which is very alarming as they might not do club activities if they flunk again in the retakes!

Also, the reason why Uchimaki and Colette got low scores is because they watch too many anime shows. Well, seems that both of them will have to restrain themselves for the time being!

In any case, time for them to hit the books with Mizuki Usami tutoring them. Also, you’ll notice that someone is sleeping on the couch…

…which is none other than the club president. By the way, he’s an honor student but I don’t see him tutoring both Subaru Uchimaki and Colette.

In the end, both Subaru-kun and Colette got good scores in the retake exams. I guess they’ll go back to their bickering on which anime/manga is better!

Lastly, here’s Maria Imari as she’s being tailed by someone…

…like Kaori Ayase. Then again, Kaori failed to follow Maria without being spotted and also, she didn’t notice Imari’s chuunibyou or “fourteen sick” syndrome!

Oh well, I’ll see you next week for the penultimate episode!

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