Alderamin on the Sky Episode #10

This is Ikta Solork and while he previously went to the northern region of Katjvarna, seems that he knows Nanaku Daru as he befriend her 9 years ago.

Of course, I wonder if their friendship still stands today…

…as Nanaku Daru makes her rampage against the Katjvarna Empire for burning her village and killing her people!

After all, she won’t forgive them for their barbaric crimes against the Sinack tribe.

Meanwhile, the village is still burning and it seems that Ikta Solork’s platoon has arrived. Of course, he’s not pleased about this act!

But worst of all, Ikta saw something that he shouldn’t want to happen…

…and that’s raping girls during war! Yes, Ikta might be a pervert but he has standards when it comes to treating enemies!

And so, he punched an officer for mistreatment of an enemy like Nanaku Daru. Glad that he managed to rescue Nanaku in time!

In any case, the Sinack rebellion is finally over. Well, I thought this conflict will last forever.

Meanwhile, Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida has arrived to see the aftermath of the conflict, although he wanted to kill all Sinack tribesmen but it didn’t happen fortunately.

Even though the Sinack rebellion has been crushed, it’s still not over…

…as an emissary from Aldera tells Lt. General Safida that the Katjvarna has violated the holy teachings of Alderamin by abusing the Four Great Spirits, and therefore the Holy Nation will wage war against the Empire.

Looks like the Katjvarna Empire can’t catch a break, but you know what’s interesting? It turns out that the conflict was all planned by Kioka Republic, from training the Sinack tribesmen to dressing up as pilgrims from the Aldera faith! “Just as planned!”, huh?

Well then, the only option left for the empire is to make their retreat since they lost their men for suppressing the Sinack tribe!

But first, Ikta Solork needs to make amends with the tribesmen by offering something that’s similar to a Yakuza ritual.

Yup, cutting his own pinky as an apology gift to Nanaku Daru and her people. If words can’t convince them, do it with actions!

For Nanaku, her long-lost friend made an extreme gesture of forgiveness. But hey, this is Ikta Solork and he needs her and the Sinack tribe for his strategy.

And also, you don’t want the Aldera religion to persecute the Sinack tribe for their pagan worship. Of course, whether the Church of Alderamin owns the spirits is up to debate…

Meanwhile, 1st Lt. Senpa Sazaluf delivers the good news as Ikta and his friends got promoted. Yay!

While Ikta Solork and Yatorishino Igsem were promoted to 1st Lieutenant, the rest got the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Then again, not everyone is happy like Matthew Tetdrich. Don’t worry though as he’s not worried about getting the 1st Lieutenant rank, it’s just that Matthew doesn’t like being looked down by Ikta Solork.

You know what Matthew Tetdrich, you only need to be brave and daring so you won’t be treated as useless!

Now then, the day has arrived when Aldera’s army called La Saia Alderamin has arrived at the northern Katjvarna region.

Yeah, they’re ready to conquer the empire under the name of Alderamin!

Of course, they weren’t expecting of seeing a burning forest over the horizon. Could it be that this is Ikta Solork’s plan of holding the enemy off until Katjvarna’s Imperial Army have retreated?

One last thing, this officer from the Kioka Republic might be Ikta Solork’s greatest rival. His name is Jean Alkiniks and while his army won’t involved in conquering the northern region, he lend his expertise to aid La Saia Alderamin towards victory.

In any case, another major battle commences on the next episode!

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