BATTERY Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Seiha Harada as he makes his first pitch on this friendly game!

Of course, Seiha is playing with his brother Takumi, Gou Nagakura and his friends, and two Yokoteni baseball players.

Still, Shunji Mizugaki is surprised that he was struck out by Seiha! I guess Takumi’s brother will have a future after all…

Meanwhile, here’s Kazuki Kaionji as he’s at the batter’s box after finishing his exams.

While he’ll leave the club in order to focus on enrolling to a prestigious high school, looks like Kaionji got stunned by Takumi Harada’s pitches!

Speaking of Takumi, his pitches are getting faster but he has trouble controlling it. Couple with Gou’s hampered catching ability at the moment, it looks like their partnership is starting to crumble.

Seriously, Takumi Harada and Gou Nagakura should sort themselves out if they want to beat Yokoteni in March! At this point, they’re currently out of sync and I don’t want them getting the blame for Nitta High’s defeat.

Finally, here’s Shugo Kadowaki as he’s joined by Shunji Mizugaki on discussing an official game in spring with Kazuki Kaionji.

On the other hand, Shunji made sarcastic remarks like Shugo failing to beat Takumi Harada even in his dreams. You know, mockery won’t do anything…

In fact, it’ll turn worse when Kadowaki had enough and punched Mizugaki in the face. Yeah, that escalated quickly but this tirade would jeopardize Yokoteni’s proposal to have a match with Nitta East.

On the other hand, the reason why he mocked Shugo is because Shunji had enough of him. It might be jealousy or it’s just that he’s sick of Kadowaki’s pride as the best, but I have to say that Shunji shouldn’t do such harsh things in the first place! Would it be better if they talk it out, but it looks like Mizugaki wants Kadowaki to kowtow and apologize.

Well everyone, seems that both Nitta East and Yokoteni have problems of their own! Of course, my concern is that it’ll turn worse if they didn’t resolve it on the next episode…

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