Kuromukuro Episode #23

Hey everyone, it’s Ryouto Akagi and he’s a bit gloomy today. Although he supposed to stay home due to Efidolg controlling the Kurobe Area, Ryouto has to attend classes or he might not graduate!

On the other hand, I still can’t believe that Jundai Kayahara is filming this event despite the danger. Maybe he’s planning to become a war cameraman someday, but I doubt it!

Meanwhile, here’s Muetta as she went to school with Yukina Shirahane. After all, Yukina doesn’t want her wandering around the house!

Come to think at it, they look like sisters that even Mika Ogino couldn’t believe how Yukina and Muetta have almost the same appearance. By the way, where’s Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma?

Oh, Kennosuke is being asked by his homeroom teacher on what career should he take.

While he’s a samurai through his entire life, it won’t be useful in the modern world so whether Kennosuke will become a chef or a soldier, I’m hoping that he’ll be happy on his chosen path!

Now let’s go back to Muetta as she’s starting to enjoy eating omelet rice. Whether if it’s an Efidolg soldier or a person from Feudal Japan, they’re weak against modern cuisine!

Of course, Muetta still don’t know her real identity. Even though she’s a clone to Yukihime, Muetta is confused to what role she’ll play.

You know what, Marina Unami will help Muetta on answering her problems. After all, she’s a counselor!

Lastly, looks like José Carlos Takasuka just finished his masterpiece, which will be a short film of sorts.

I don’t know whether his script is still shitty, I guess Carlos don’t want to leave Japan without accomplishing something!

Anyways, the story is about baseball and I don’t know what he added on this film!

Also, seems that Tom Borden and Liu Shen Mi have joined too, although I don’t think José Carlos Takasuka’s film might make sense of it all!

And come to think of it, they shouldn’t make films at this time since Efidolg is making its final step towards conquering Earth so it can invade another.

Then again, I guess they don’t want being gloomy all the time!

On the other hand, Kennosuke asks Muetta to join forces and save Earth from Efidolg.

I have to say that after participating in Carlos’ film project and seeing them laugh, seems that Kennosuke is motivated to protect their smiles. C’mon, they won’t have much fun if Earthlings become slaves!

Anyways, looks like Efidolg’s Gezon-Reco Frontier Force is starting to open up the wormhole.

Let’s hope that Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and his allies will stop Lefil’s squad before it happens!

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