Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #11

Well, seems that we have a confirmation that Riko Sakurauchi will accept the invitation for the piano competition after all!

That leaves Aqours having 8 members for the Love Live! preliminaries. Of course, that’ll come later…

…as this week’s episode is focused on You Watanabe, Chika Takami’s childhood friend who looks good in her sailor outfit! Yousoro~!

Now then, ever since Riko Sakurauchi came to Chika’s life, You-chan is somewhat neglected as her friend spends her time with the transfer student.

Heck, even You-chan couldn’t concentrate on dancing with Chika-chan, which worries me as her uneasiness might cost Aqours’ chance to qualify!

Anyways, You Watanabe has a case of jealousy where she doesn’t like Riko hanging around with Chika all the time. But you know what, Chika might understand about her loneliness later…

For now, let’s enjoy Mari Ohara’s surprise breasts grab! She’s channeling Nozomi Toujou right there!

Then again, You-chan countered that with a throw. All I can say is that you shouldn’t mess with You Watanabe!

Of course, Mari understands You-chan and the only way to solve her problems is to talk it out with Chika-chan!

Speaking of Chika Takami, she’s in front of You’s house which Chika went there by riding her bike.

Well, that’s surprising coming from Chika Takami but it’s time to resolve You Watanabe’s jealousy!

But you know what, I think You shouldn’t get jealous just because her friend is talking to Riko most of the time. After all, You-chan treats Chika as her important friend and Chika feel the same way too.

In any case, looks like You’s jealousy has finally resolved!

And now, it’s time for both You-chan and Chika on helping Aqours qualify for the Love Live! School Idol competition!

Gotta love that vault from You Watanabe as it’s nice to see it again after Aqours’ first single “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?”

Meanwhile, Riko Sakurauchi is doing her best at the piano competition. Well, it’s all thanks to Chika-chan for motivating her on playing the piano again!

Anyways, I’ll leave you here as the next episode will await for the results. Let’s hope that Aqours will go to the next round while Riko Sakurauchi wins the piano competition!

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