Ange Vierge Episode #10

Let’s start this week’s episode with Code Ω 33 Carene and Code Ω 46 Xenia as both androids were saved by Code Ω 77 Stella.

Then again, seeing both of them hugging each other and rubbing their own bodies is so lewd!

Anyways, it’s time for Nya Lapucea to go back to her homeworld Grunewald Silt and save the Green World…

…from Eins Exaura, which Nya regretted on leaving her behind during a rescue mission at Grunewald Silt.

Of course, Eins isn’t here to convince her former commander on joining the Dark Side as she wants to kill Nya for abandoning her!

Also, Eins sent both Ageha and Mayuka Sanagi to take Nya’s friends as hostages. Really, I thought that they’re gonna screw this up but it seems that Sanagi sisters are competent!

Then again, they won’t succeed their mission in the end…

…as Nya Lapucea managed to defeat Eins Exaura with the skin of her teeth. While she’s a bit rusty, at least Nya finally stop this enhanced soldier from destroying the Green World!

Then again, it appears that Nya has reached its limit as her equipment made an explosion that briefly engulfs Grunewald Silt into a ball of green light!

Meanwhile back at Seiran Island, looks like the Sanagi sisters are finally freed from the Dark Side, although it’s funny that they only have this scene where their clothes exploded.

Really SILVER LINK, you didn’t show Eins’ clothes being torn apart after being freed by Ouroboros’ control!

As for Saya Sougetsu and her UC girls, they’re fine but I wish they’re stronger to beat Ageha and Mayuka.

Also, they should put some clothes or them might get embarrassed when the camera shows their exposed parts! Then again, the girls doesn’t seem to care as there are no guys on this show.

In any case, Eins Exaura has been rescued and the Green World is free from Ouroboros thanks to Nya Lapucea. Well, that was quick and I though that Nya’s story will conclude on the next episode!

Speaking of next week’s episode, looks like Aoi Mikage is the only one left to invade the Blue World. Of course, there’s no indication on what she’s planning to do with Saya Sougetsu and/or even Amane Ayashiro.

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