Hey everyone, this is how the Unknown looked like minus the code chip. Pretty surprising, huh?

Anyways, looks like all Tri-City heads and sub-heads have finally gathered.

Of course, Asuha Chigusa can’t believe that she’s fighting her own comrade, who is dead in her eyes until Asuha’s code chip is broken by Hotaru Rindou.

Same goes for Aoi Yaegaki and countless people who are confused of the ongoing conflict against the Unknown.

But don’t worry though as Maihime Tenkawa is here to comfort Aoi-chan and her team-mates.

On the other hand, this is Commander Johannes who explains what happened after the Unknown have arrived.

It turns out that the Unknown planned to use human kids to turn against their kind from the very beginning, by putting code chips during their cold sleep so that their perception of the world will be warped.

But now that the chips are broken to those teenagers, looks like the tables have been turned right? Not quite as the Unknown are still in Japan and they might use the remaining children to destroy what’s left of humanity, as well as capturing them since they have World powers.

Of course, not of the Unknown are bad people as evidenced by Airi Yunami and Gutoku Asanagi.

Yes, they miss their kids but both Yunami and Asanagi will be forced to fight them. After all, they raised the heads and sub-heads to fight against humanity, only to turn back against them in the end.

But now, it’s time for humanity to take back Japan and crush all of the Unknown until there’s no one left.

Of course, Johannes’ army will have to rescue the children before wiping out the enemy.

On the other hand, the likes of Kasumi Chigusa can’t sit around for much longer as he joins the fight to eliminate the Unknown.

Then again, the risk of being captured again is far greater this time around!

Luckily, Ichiya Suzaku and Canaria Utara are there to back Kasumi up. Speaking of Ichiya, looks like he got over with Canaria’s supposed death and now he’s back to his jerkass personality!

Of course, he’s not gonna belittle Kasumi Chigusa this time now that they’re fighting against their masters as equals. Also, don’t mind the low-quality animation, it’s always been this way ever since.

In any case, I’ll see you next week for the penultimate episode!

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