Rewrite Episode #11

Here’s Chihaya Ohtori as she wanders around the forest to find the path towards Kotori’s secret base.

Of course, what she finds is Lucia Konohana as she’s badly-injured. Yeah, Lucia needs help quickly!

On the other hand, Chi-chan saw both Koutarou Tennouji and Kotori Kanbe as she calls them for help.

Well, I’m glad that Koutarou and Kotori are there. Otherwise, Lucia might be a goner right now!

Of course, her injuries are severe that Kotori’s healing powers couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Fortunately, Kagari got a solution as she’ll use her ribbons to close the wound and heal it at the same time. What a great idea coming from her!

But thanks to Kagari’s ribbons, Lucia Konohana is saved! I guess her ribbons has many uses other than slapping Koutarou around while holding her canned coffee.

For now, Lucia will have to take a long rest as she lost quite a bit of energy after that battle against a Gaia soldier.

On the other hand, it looks like her poison has affected Kotori’s secret base as her creations aren’t functioning properly. Well, there’s no need to blame Lucia as she acted it on self-defense.

Now let’s focus on Akane Senri as she’ll become Gaia’s next saint. Oh, and it’s not just inheriting the title from her grandmother Sakura Kashima, she’s gonna inherit her memories too which I’ll explain a bit.

You see, it turns out that Sakura Kashima and her ancestors share the same memories since ancient times. Basically, it’s reincarnation where the likes of Sakura-san and Akane are sharing the same sentiments of how humanity are bastards, which span across generations up to the present.

But now, it looks like Sakura-san will have to take over Akane’s body and finish what she and the previous saints started by finding the Key and destroy humanity. Of course, Akane Senri will fight over her fate as her grandmother is slowly dying!

Anyways, let’s end this episode as this bastard is back… and he has a new toy that’ll unleash on the next episode.

Damn, he should have died there but Lucia’s poison isn’t enough to kill this guy!

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