Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #22

Hey everyone, it’s Hinata Yamabuki as she asked Takeru Kuroki and Mythos (or Shimajirou) for help on finding Tomoki Hachijou. Then again, the Bird don’t want to get captured by the police.

On the other hand, Mythos suspects that Tomoki (or Bird) has links with the current Tokyo governor Koutarou Inagi, something that Takeru-kun couldn’t believe it.

Speaking of Bird, he contact Governor Inagi as Tomoki plans to turn the capital of Japan into a chaotic city once again.

And with the Tokyo Summit coming up, Koutarou is scared that a mere kid would ruin his plan for the city.

Now for Tomoki Hachijou as while he’s got the backing of the military junta at Carupanuba, it looks like he won’t get anything today as the dictatorship has fallen.

Despite Carupanuba’s shaky political situation, it doesn’t matter for Bird as he’ll do whatever he wants in Japan… and get away scot-free. What a bastard!

Meanwhile, we got some insight on Rin Yamabuki as she was supposed to get married by Koutarou Inagi, but she decides to focus on becoming the Chief of Unit 8.

Then again, she’s not planning on marrying Inagi at this point as Yamabuki is concerned about the governor’s wrongdoings, especially when he’s linked to recent Willwear-related crimes!

Now let’s go to Carupanuba Embassy where a group of thugs assaulted the building and killed Tomoki Hachijou. It’s weird that a Triad has assassinated a hacker inside the embassy, but I have a feeling that a certain Inagi ordered them to kill Bird.

Then again, it could be that Tomoki Hachijou didn’t die when the assault happened as he might used someone from the embassy to fake his death. Heck, what you see over the barbed fence might not be Bird at all!

Anyways, it seems that Rin Yamabuki will have a wedding with Koutarou Inagi at this hour. Of course, she’s not here to seal the deal…

…as Chief Yamabuki exposes Governor Inagi’s wrongdoings. But even though he already confessed about his crimes, it’s already too late as Inagi’s plans is starting to unfold.

Anyways, looks like Takeru Kuroki was shocked to hear that his idol is committing crimes for the sake of Japan’s future. Unless someone screw Governor Inagi over, there’s no stopping him for achieving Koutarou’s goals.

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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