Macross Delta Episode #24

Hey everyone, it’s Berger Stone and while he’s normally supplying Windermere with weapons, seems that there’s a change of plans and decides to leave the kingdom.

Of course, he won’t leave the country just yet as Berger Stone shows Arad Mölders and two Walkure members a piece of history that reminds the tainted history of the Kingdom…

That’s right, it’s Wright Immelman’s VF-22 Sturmvogel II and Berger told them that it’s workable minus the transformation ability.

Let’s hope that both Reina Prowler and Makina Nakajima found no electronic tampering nor mechanical failures on Wright’s plane, otherwise someone would get hurt upon piloting it. C’mon, Berger isn’t trust-worthy!

Meanwhile, the prisoners are about to be executed by walking towards the plank and fall straight down to the abyss. Would it be nice if they just kill him via a firing squad?

But before their execution, Hayate Immelman and the others have a trial with King Heinz Nerich Windermere as the judge. But you know what, there’s no justice as it’s more akin to a kangaroo court where Windermere puts him, Freyja Wion, and Mirage Farina Jenius guilty for tainting their land!

In any case, no matter what they say especially Freyja Wion, Windermereans seems them as bad people and therefore they must be killed.

Hell, even treaties don’t apply to them because the Kingdom hates the New United Nations!

Fortunately for Hayate Immelman, looks like he and his two friends (not love interests by the way) won’t be executed as Arad Mölders stormed in to rescue them.

Also, seems that Wright’s VF-22 still works without malfunctions. Looks like Windermere shouldn’t restore the variable fighter in the first place, what idiots they are!

Now let’s go back to Hayate Immelman as he got his VF-31 Siegfried back to him. I guess he’s prepared to jump off the plank and let Hayate’s plane save him.

Of course, Capt. Mölders’ distraction was an added bonus!

Meanwhile, Freyja Wion has returned to Walkure. Unfortunately, they’ll have to perform without Mikumo Guynemer as she’s captured.

But hey, their voices are enough for this Protoculture ruins to make a reaction. Well, I’m impressed that their music can react to the ruins at the moment!

However, tragedy struck when Makina Nakajima got shot down. Dammit, this ain’t good for Walkure!

Of course, Makina told Kaname Buccaneer that the show must go on! Then again, I’m worried that she’ll die from her wounds as Walkure will have less members to stop the Var Syndrome.

Meanwhile, the cavalry has arrived when Chuck Mustang and the rest of the Delta Squadron made their jump to Windermere.

Yeah, I’m glad that he’s returned to aid his team-mates. You may thank Walkure for opening up the gate to the Kingdom.

Even though the Delta Squadron has arrived, it looks like they won’t stop Windermere’s forces for the time being.

Also, Lord Roid Brehm has finally controlled Mikumo Guynemer as she’s forced to become the Star Singer.

All he needs is the say the magic world “Rudanjal Rom Mayan”, and she’s turned into the Star Singer even though Mikumo is created by Lady M.

Honestly, Lord Roid is becoming more of a megalomaniac now that he can use Mikumo to spread the Var Syndrome even further.

Meanwhile for King Heinz, it seems that he’ll be relegated to being a figurehead, something that Keith Aero Windermere won’t be happy to see Lord Roid using the enemy as Heinz’s replacement.

After all, the wind surrounding Windermere isn’t pleasant at the moment.

For now, the Delta Squadron will have to retreat for now. As for Walkure, things are getting worse for them now that Mikumo Guynemer is in Windermere’s hand and Makina Nakajima is in critical condition.

Never minds, looks like Walkure will have a very hard time to stop the Var Syndrome now that Freyja Wion’s body is starting to crumble.

In any case, I’ll see you next week as the conflict is already at turning point in Windermere’s favor!

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