NEW GAME! Episode #11

Hello and welcome to this special episode of NEW GAME! where Eagle Jump staff are here…

…for the trailer premiere of Fairies Story 3 to the public. Everyone is so hype right now, but where’s Hifumi Takimoto?

Oh, seems that Hifumi-sempai is cosplaying but I think she shouldn’t do that at the Tokyo Game Show!

I mean, when she saw her fellow employees at the event, Hifumi-sempai is so shocked that she doesn’t want to get noticed by Aoba-chan and the rest of the design team.

Um Hifumi-sempai, maybe you should cosplay as one of the characters from Fairies Story 3 instead, as visitors would think that you came from another company.

Back at Eagle Jump, all hands on deck on finishing the game and submit the final build to the publisher Houbundo, which is a combination of Houbunsha and Nintendo.

While the staff are doing last-minute checks especially for the debugging team, it’s time for some publicity as Kou Yagami will have an interview to a prominent video games magazine Sufamitsu, which is not a spin-off to the real-life game magazine Famitsu.

Anyways, Kou Yagami looked great in her dress…

Heck, even Aoba Suzukaze is impressed by her current appearance. After all, she usually wears a long-sleeved black blouse and a long skirt in the office, so it’s nice to see her wearing all-white once in a while!

Then again, seems that she’s embarrassed to be interviewed in her new clothes. Heck, she’s too shy in front of the camera.

And by the way, it was Rin Touyama who chose Yagami’s clothes for this occasion so kudos to her!

Anyways, looks like the whole Eagle Jump staff have finally finished their work on Fairies Story 3.

Well, I’m glad that they pulled it through the last minute!

This includes Nene Sakura where she’s done debugging the game. Let’s hope that when she leaves Eagle Jump, Nene’s experience would be useful for her new job after graduation.

Now then, the only thing that’s left now is to release the game… which will happen next week!

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