Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #11

Hey everyone, it seems that what Kizuna saw at the end of Episode 10 was actually an illusion made by his mother Nayuta.

Sure that she’s a bitch, but there’s more to just making a fake world to put her son on the wrong direction…

It turns out that she’s siphoning life energy from the civilians in Tokyo and transfer it to Batlantis.

Also, Dr. Nayuta Hida won’t tell Kizuna about removing the cores without risking someone’s life as there’s nothing that she could do about it. Hell, I bet that Nayuta stole the Magitech Armor technology from Batlantis Empire without bothering the consequences.

But you know what, those reasons made Kizuna Hida furious that he wants to get his mother back and explain everything, from siding with the Batlantis Empire to abandonment!

Then again, Dr. Nayuta Hida doesn’t want to come back to Ataraxia Academy as Kizuna got knocked out by one of Nayuta’s aide.

There’s no need for more explanation as Nayuta Hida is the worst mother ever!

Meanwhile, here’s a familiar face from Batlantis’ Royal Guards where she rides her giant Magitech Armor. Whoever she is, this Royal Guard is going down!

And the only way to defeat this Royal Guard is Aine Chidorigafuchi, where she delivers a devastating kick!

Also, notice that the animation quality is low but you don’t mind about it as long as there’s boobies.

Unfortunately, Aine’s attack didn’t knock that Royal Guard out as she was fling away.

Good thing Kizuna grabbed her, but they’re sitting ducks at this point. Also, I’m worried that Aine’s anxiety might lose her life if she’s not careful!

Anyways, looks like both Kizuna and Aine are somewhat rescued when the pint-sized Royal Guard got attacked by someone else…

…like this giant mecha that shoots lasers. Come to think of it, is this a Magitech mecha gone rouge and turned against the empire?

No, it’s actually Sylvia Silkcut riding her giant Heart Hybrid Gear named Talos!

Well, I have to say that lolis got giant mechas while well-endowed girls got skin-tight armors. But then again, Sylvia won’t have a lewd transformation sequence until she’s grown up!

In any case, the tables have been turned as the twin-tailed loli Royal Guard got overwhelmed by Sylvia’s Talos!

And now it’s time for Sylvia Silkcut to finish the Royal Guard off. I mean look at Sylvia, she’s pumped up!

But there you have it, this loli Royal Guard got beaten by a mere Lemurian or Earthling as the battle is finally over.

I mean, her Magitech Armor is out of commission thanks to Sylvia Silkcut. In any case, looks like the loli Royal Guard won’t put up a fight anymore…

…until she makes a last-ditch effort to take Sylvia down. I mean, she’s pissed for that humiliating defeat!

Anyways, the Royal Guard transforms her Magitech Armor into a giant missile. Well, she means business right here!

Oh, and her Magitech Armor made a big explosion that’ll engulf the entire Kanto region.

If she can’t beat Sylvia, why not destroy everything ’cause why not!

Luckily for Sylvia Silkcut, Talos has an Immoral Weapon named Titania which will stop the big ball of fire from spreading further.

By the way, I don’t know how Kizuna Hida activated Sylvia’s Immoral Weapon unless he did it during her “installation”, but I’m glad that she has it during this crucial time.

In any case, Sylvia Silkcut have reduced this ball of fire until it’s all gone!

And look, Sylvia just compress the explosion using her bare hands. Looks like the loli Royal Guard’s desperate attack has failed in the end!

Speaking of the nameless loli Royal Guard, she was rescued by Nayuta’s aide but I bet that she’ll be punished by Zelshione later!

So while Nayuta Hida will back off for now, you’re asking yourself what happened to the nudity on this week’s episode.

Well, here it is as Zelshione just single-handedly defeated Scarlet Fairchild and the Masters team, using nothing but her sweet bare hands!

And look, Scarlet Fairchild reached her climax where she can no longer fight! You know what, Zelshione is the biggest problem should the Amaterasu team face her.

Anyways, there’s more fanservice on the final episode so look forward to next week… even though the animation quality will be shitty!

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