Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #11

Here’s Subaru Uchimaki as he’s making his latest waifu while chugging a can of water. Yeah, Japan sells canned water by the way!

And here’s Yumeko Tachibana where she’s interested in getting Subaru’s can. Wait, is she gonna do indirect kiss!?

In any case, the reason why Yumeko-sensei is getting cans is because she wants the Art Club to participate in the upcoming school festival.

Speaking of cans, they’ll be used for the club’s next art piece which Mizuki Usami came up with this blueprint… with some help from others like Maria Imari and Colette.

After all, it’s a club effort and everyone will take part of it! Then again, Imari-san isn’t part of the Art Club to begin with.

Anyways, it’s all hands on deck for Subaru, Mizuki, Colette, and the club president on prepping the cans for their project. Oh yeah, and it seems that Maria Imari participated on this one!

Still, it seems that the cans they have aren’t enough to build a sculpture.

But if they need more cans, they can get some! Well, they bought it with their own money and sell it to the whole campus as they need empty cans.

In any case, here’s Maria Imari selling canned sports drinks using her charm to attract horny soul- I mean students!

Look, her charm is so effective that guys bought tons of drinks. Don’t forget to give the empty cans to Imari-chan!

By the way, here’s Moroboshi-sensei as he’s helping the Art Club by giving more empty cans.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that he’s the one who throw the original batch of cans in the first place.

But you know what, Moroboshi-sensei is making up for his mistakes this time around!

One more thing, that person wearing a panda costume is actually Yumeko-sensei as she’s too tight to wear maid uniforms. It reminds me of the time Yumeko Tachibana is struggling to wear her bikini back in Ep. 5.

Meanwhile, here’s Moeka-chan as she’s joined by her mother and Koyama-sensei. Yeah, she’s cute!

Also, she’s mature as Moeka prefers to drink green tea. Nice choice there coming from Koyama-sensei’s granddaughter!

Now that they gathered all of the empty cans, time for the art club to construct their sculpture until dawn.

Then again, they need some support as Kaori Ayase and her friends came to visit them.

Of course, what Kaori saw was Mizuki hugging Subaru as she’s scared of ghosts. That’s so cute but it’s so embarrassing at the same time!

And there you have it on this week’s episode as the Art Club have finished their masterpiece. Oh yeah, and it feels like it’s the final episode with all the cast present on this picture!

Then again, there’s one more to go before closing this series out.

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