Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Episode #03

This is Amelie Planchard who is part of the Free Gallian Air Force. While she won’t have a role on this final episode, let’s hope that Amelie will appear in Brave Witches.

By the way, here’s Lynette Bishop as she’s handling supplies for refugees and soldiers stationed in Arnhem.

Well, I have to say that she’s doing fine but Lynette misses Yoshika-chan!

Anyways, Lynette met this young boy named Julius who is escaping from the cops. The reason why he’s running away is because as Julius stole a vial of medicine, just to cure his sister Rose.

But you know what, Lynette Bishop will help Julius on saving his sister’s life. C’mon, she doesn’t want ordinary folks die from diseases!

Meanwhile, here’s Perrine H. Clostermann as she’s busy managing supplies across various bases from St. Trond and Arnhem.

Heck, her Striker Units are being repaired at Arnhem so to speak as they’re stuck on the ground for the time being.

But for now, it’s time for Perrine to call the doctor ’cause Rose might die if she’s not treated quickly!

In any case, Rose is alright now that the doctor has treated her. Of course, diseases like pneumonia are harder to cure during this time period.

For now, prevention is needed as Perrine H. Clostermann disinfects her guests so that no pests nor germs won’t wander inside her mansion… even though it’s under repair at the moment!

But you know what, Julius doesn’t like Perrine anyway as she’s scary and not as sweet as Lynette. That’s sucks for Ms. Clostermann!

Anyways, it turns out that both Julius and Rose came from Arnhem which was invaded by the Neuroi a few years ago.

But while the enemy has fallen back after two major operations in both Britannia and Romagna, the Witches are preparing their next mission on eradicating the Neuroi in Europe starting in Arnhem, Gallia.

In any case, Amelie Planchard made a promise to Rose that she and her fellow Witches that they’ll take Arnhem back!

However, there are a few people who disdain Witches like Julius for example, where he cursed them as liars for abandoning his hometown from the Neuroi as well as letting his parents die.

Um Julius, I don’t think the Witches abandoned Arnhem as they’re overwhelmed by the enemy. And also, it’s dangerous to be near at the scaffolding!

Good thing Amelie Planchard is here to rescue Julius from falling bricks, but it seems that he’s shocked to see a Witch helping him. After all, Julius hates them!

Back at Perrine’s mansion, looks like Ms. Clostermann is happy that her mansion is quiet without Julius around.

Um Perrine, I think you should consider that he might have gone somewhere.

Turns out, I was right as Rose’s brother is has gone missing for a long time. I guess he’s upset that Witches saved his life!

Then again, Julius is a civilian and it’s Lynette Bishop and Perrine H. Clostermann’s duty to save him from danger.

In any case, both of them rushed towards Arnhem as Lynette believes that Julius went there.

And you know what, she’s right as Julius went back to his hometown to find some items that were left behind like Rose’s other teddy bear.

Um Julius, I don’t think you should go to Arnhem as there’s a bunch of Neuroi patrolling the area!

See, I told you that there’s an enemy presence in Arnhem! Then again, Julius is too scared to run away from a Neuroi!

Fortunately, someone shot that Neuroi down in order to rescue Julius. I wonder who could that savior be?

Oh, it’s none other than Perrine H. Clostermann as she rescued Julius on foot. It would be easier if she has her Striker Unit, but it’s currently in repair.

Anyways, it’s gonna be a long and tedious retreat to their base. C’mon, Perrine will have a hard time escaping the Neuroi with her own two legs!

Never mind, it seems that after blocking an enemy shot with her shield, seems that Perrine’s left leg got busted after a hard landing to the ground.

Well, I have to say that she and Julius are sitting ducks at this point!

Not until reinforcements have arrived when this Neuroi got hit by an anti-tank round. Could it be that Lynette Bishop has arrived to rescue Perrine and Julius?

Yes it is as she’s arrived in her Striker Unit! Of course, this rescue mission isn’t over until the Neuroi is defeated.

In fact, this ground Neuroi has taken shelter at a water tower. Sure that the enemy is safe on top of the tower, but Perrine H. Clostermann has a plan to defeat it!

All she needs is a PIAT anti-tank weapon and shoot the tower along with the Neuroi. You may thank Julius for bringing the PIAT to Perrine H. Clostermann.

Of course, she’s not gonna aim at the base of the tower. After all, Perrine has a plan by blasting to top of the water tower first.

Followed by Lynette Bishop shooting at one of the pipes that contained water. Wait, is Perrine gonna use her Tonnerre magic?

Anyways, looks like the tower is flooding with water and I have to say that Perrine H. Clostermann is gonna electrocute the Neuroi with her magic.

See, it’s all according to her plan as she released her Tonnerre towards the enemy!

Well, that Neuroi won’t escape from Perrine’s magic. Now all it needs is for Lynette to destroy the core and this battle is over.

But there you have it, this long rescue mission at Arnhem is successful as Perrine H. Clostermann and Lynette Bishop have saved Julius from danger!

Speaking of Julius, he managed to bring Rose’s other teddy bear back. On the other hand, looks like Julius won’t have to hate the Witches anymore now that Perrine H. Clostermann rescued him!

Well, that’s about it for the last episode of Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow. Glad that SILVER LINK showed what happened to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing for one last time!

But wait, it seems that we forgot some members of the venerable Strike Witches…

Oh, I almost missed Sanya V. Litvyak and Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. Yeah, these two are hanging out at Petersburg, Orussia!

Also, these two girls named Nikka Edvardine Katajainen and Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin are part of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, which the squadron will be the main focus for the upcoming spin-off in October.

I’m hoping that Nikka and Aleksandra’s team-mates will be featured in Brave Witches TV series!

And finally, here’s Mio Sakamoto and while she lost her magic, Mio is still doing her duties as an officer! One more thing, Mio Sakamoto’s fellow team-mate Yoshika Miyafuji will be studying medicine in Europe.

Anyways, Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow is finally over and I can’t wait for SILVER LINK’s spin-off in October!

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