Alderamin on the Sky Episode #11

Oh look, it’s Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik as she’s at the capital at the moment. I guess the higher-ups don’t want the princess to see the horrors of war that’s currently happening at the northern region.

But then again, the likes of Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida don’t want her seeing how incompetent he is along with his staff.

Meanwhile, here’s Jean Alkiniks as the genius who never sleeps is here to aid La Saia Alderamin on crushing the exhausted Katjvarnan Army and some Sinack tribesmen along the way.

While he’s impressed on Ikta Solork’s strategy on blocking the enemy with a burning forest, Jean is confident that he’ll claim victory on this battle.

Anyways, it’s time to Ikta Solork and his forces to fight the first wave of Alderan soldiers.

And as you can see, the Holy Army of Aldera couldn’t stand a chance against an ambush like this one.

Well, I hope they should take notes of this or La Saia Alderamin is doomed!

On the other hand, here’s Nanaku Daru as she rushes towards the enemy without knowing the risks involved.

C’mon, there would be unexpected development during this conflict…

…like being sniped by the enemy as they have air rifles. And if you’re thinking that it was the Alderans who did it, you’re wrong!

It turns out that La Saia Alderamin not only got Jean Alkiniks as their military advisor, but they got some Kioka Republic forces equipped with modern weapons as reinforcements.

At this point, this siege has gone worse than I imagined!

So, Ikta Solork ordered his soldiers including Yatorishino Igsem to rescue Nanaku Daru and her fellow Sinack tribesmen.

Losing them would be a big blow as the Sinacks know the terrain very much, especially Nanaku!

In any case, they make their retreat for now as Ikta completed its first step.

Oh, and let’s not forget to burn the barricade while they’re at it.

While the Alderans will climb their way over the wall if it’s not burned, it’s better to have the blockade on fire in order to stall the opposing forces for a bit longer.

Unfortunately, the price of defending the front from Kioka and Aldera, plus rescuing the Sinacks, is staggering as the Katjvarna Empire suffered casualties.

Well, looks like Suya Mitcalif won’t forgive either Ikta Solork or Yatorishino Igsem for letting her allies die and while they’re responsible for it, they can’t do about it since Ikta and Yatori are fighting a hopeless war.

In any case, I’ll see you next week as the conflict intensifies! While some say that it’s a setback to Ikta Solork, I think he’ll recover from this one and overturn this battle in Katjvarna’s favor.

As for Suya Mitcalif, I think she should take a rest for the time being until she cleared her mind for the next phase. I mean, Haroma Becker can’t help on seeing her comrades die from serious wounds and the only thing she can do is to give some sympathy to Suya.

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