Kuromukuro Episode #24

Well, looks like Sophie Noël told Zeringer Mundef Bischlei that she’ll fight till the end! After all, Sophie follows the Bushido Code seriously (minus the seppuku part).

Meanwhile, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma wants Yukina Shirahane to be his wife. Um Kennosuke, save that proposal at the end of this series!

Meanwhile, Tom Borden and Liu Shen Mi are sneaking up towards Kurobe Laboratory on their mini-mechas together with the remaining UN forces.

Sure that they’ll face Efidolg’s Cacti mecha, but it’s better than facing the geoframes where Kennosuke is confronting them as we speak!

In any case, Major Graham and Hiromi Shirahane have finally captured Kurobe Laboratory with little opposition. Oh yeah, and the equipment is still intact, which Efidolg will be screwed for not destroying it should the Earthlings got their base back.

Still, most of the personnel who were brainwashed by Efidolg will have a hard time waking up due to being frozen for releasing the hinge stone. Heck, I bet that some of them die from being exposed to cold temperature for much longer.

Now let’s go outside Kurobe Laboratory where Muetta got her personal geoframe back. Of course, she’ll have to fight against Mirasa.

While Mirasa stabbed her previously, Muetta has no intention of carrying out her vengeance as she’s disappointed at her former comrade for blindly supporting Efidolg without finding out the truth!

On the other hand, looks like the wreckage of GAUS 2 just moved and attacked Mirasa’s geoframe. Could it be that someone remotely controlling this geoframe?

Wait, it’s impossible as GAUS mechas don’t have such feature. But since it’s operational, who’s piloting it?

Oh, it’s Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki and I can’t believe that Sophie’s butler is freaking alive!

Thank goodness that there’s a miracle in Kuromukuro!

But thanks to Sebastian’s intervention, Mirasa is finally defeated at the hands of Muetta. Glad that the backstabber got wrecked this time around!

Speaking of Sophie Noël, she’s delighted that “Sebastian” Mozuki is alive. Of course, she don’t want to get upstaged by her butler’s heroic acts…

…so with the help of Major Graham and Hiromi Shirahane, Sophie’s GAUS 1 was launched in the air and stabbed Yoruba’s geoframe until he’s immobilized.

Well, Yoruba isn’t happy that a mere Earthling clipped his wings. But you know what, it’s time for him to face death…

…at the hands of Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, no less! Looks like both Mirasa and Yoruba are finally defeated, but we’re missing one Frontier Officer.

Oh right, I forgot about Imusa as he’s still alive and kicking!

But then again, Imusa won’t do the fighting as his geoframe got combined by Lefil’s personal mecha.

Yeah, the commander of the Gezon-Reco Frontier Force is here to destroy those small fries and complete his objective.

If his subordinates couldn’t do it, Commander Lefil will do the cleanup for them!

On the other hand, seems that Fusnarnie’s geoframe is back in action.

I wonder who’s piloting it as it’s impossible for an Earthling to pilot an Efidolg mecha unless they resign their humanity?

Why it’s none other than Tom Borden as this foul-mouthed bastard is piloting Fusnarnie’s geoframe.

Still, Tom will have a hard time beating Lefil as his geoframe has four tentacle-like arms to fend off attacks!

But with some teamwork, they coordinate their attacks to cripple Lefil’s geoframe, although it seems that Imusa will bite the dust instead of his commander.

Well Imusa, you’ll surely be missed and it’s sucks that you have little screen-time to establish yourself as worthy opponent!

Anyways, all of Gezon-Reco’s Frontier Officers have been killed on this episode. Of course, Commander Lefil is the only enemy left to deal with!

Then again, seems that Zeringer Mundef Bischlei already beat Lefil and not only that, Zeringer controlled him by using Efidolg’s brainwashing bug…

…just to deactivate the hinge stone from opening up the portal. Well, looks like Earth is saved!

And here’s Commander Lefil without his helmet. Yeah, he looked like Zeringer as it turns out that Lefil is a clone from Zeringer’s people.

Oh and you thing that it’s over, Commander Lefil revealed that in an event of having the hinge stone deactivated, a larger Reform Fleet will come to Earth and carry out the attack instead of the main Efidolg armada. Damn, I thought the war against Efidolg will end!

But you know what, the only viable option left is to find the planet of Efidolg and crush it under one fell swoop.

The problem is the location and should Kennosuke and his allies failed to find the planet, Earth is already controlled by Efidolg. But then again, what exactly is Efidolg and does it still exists apart from controlling inferior being across galaxies?

Anyways, there’s two more episodes to go and I’m hoping that Kennosuke and Yukina will end the conflict instead of fighting Efidolg for all eternity!

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  1. John says:

    RIP Mirasa.

    You will be missed.

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