Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #12

Here’s Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima as she attempts to summon a demon…

…to no avail! Um, I think she doesn’t need to do that, especially when Yohane and the rest of Aqours are waiting for the results.

Speaking of the results, looks like Aqours made past the preliminaries. Now that they’re qualified, their chance of competing at the national tournament is getting closer than expected!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into enrollment numbers in Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy, which is worrying for Dia Kurosawa and Mari Ohara.

For Chika Takami, she questions herself on why µ’s is so great that they save Otonokizaka Girls’ Academy from closure. But you know what, Chika and the rest of Aqours should go to Tokyo and find the answer!

But first, Chika will have to pick up Riko Sakurauchi where she won 1st place at the piano competition.

Come to think of it, Riko is hiding something to Chika-chan. Maybe she doesn’t want to see her collection of lesbian fiction books to anyone!

Anyways, let’s start things off with Saint Snow as Ria and Seira Kazuno have already qualified.

By the way, both Ruby and Dia are expecting to see either Nozomi Toujou or even Eri Ayase. Then again, they went off somewhere far away!

Now let’s go back to Saint Snow as they’re impressed on Aqours’ performance at the preliminaries, yet Seira and Ria Kazuno are determined to win the Love Live! competition which will be held at the Akiba Dome. Unfortunately, Chika couldn’t find any answers from Saint Snow, which is disappointing.

So, the only thing that’s left for them is to visit Riko’s former high school, Otonokizaka Girls’ Academy.

Just like in Kanda Shrine, both Dia and Ruby are expecting someone from µ’s as they’re big fans of the famous school idol group.

However, one student from Otonokizaka told them that there are no records nor trophies from µ’s as they didn’t left any trace of being school idols after graduation.

Well, that’s disappointing to hear. However, I think that the left an everlasting legacy for µ’s… and that’s saving their school from closure. Still, it doesn’t answer why they’re special.

And so, Chika and the gang made their final stop at the beach, where Honoka Kousaka and the others decided that µ’s will disband after the Love Live! competition.

But you know what, I think Chika Takami has finally found her answer already!

In fact, the reason why µ’s is so great in the first place is because they move freely while being honest by themselves.

On top of that, Chika realized that Aqours doesn’t need to be like µ’s or even chase them, as they can take the group to a new direction while being free and honest to themselves. Heck, they can turn it around from zero to one in their own way!

But anyways, looks like they finally found what they’re looking for as Aqours is gearing up for the next stage. Heck, I’m glad to watch this powerful penultimate episode!

For now, I’ll see you next week for the final episode as Aqours must get those new applicants for Uranohoshi Academy!

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