Ange Vierge Episode #11

Let’s start this penultimate episode and Eins Exaura was supposed to be inside this tube, but the fact that the Sanagi sisters are inside of it is preposterous!

I mean, they don’t interact with Saya Sougetsu and her fellow UC girls until last week’s episode.

On the other hand, here’s Eins Exaura and it seems that she thank Nya Lapucea for rescuing her from the Dark Side. After all, Nya cares Eins in the end!

But now, it’s time for the final challenge as Saya Sougetsu…

…must face Aoi Mikage as she’s the only Progress left who is still under Ouroboros’ influence.

Speaking of Ouroboros, Aoi-sempai told Saya that the attacks among the four worlds was just a distraction for their ultimate plan.

It turns out that Ouroboros is unleashing their final weapon Abyss in the Blue World, using α drivers’ energy as well as the that was obtained after beating various Progresses.

But you know what, if Ouroboros wants to destroy all 5 worlds, they should have done it quickly instead of waiting their moment to strike all of them in one fell swoop. I guess SILVER LINK wants to pad the story out for more fanservice! *sigh*

Now then, it’s time for Saya Sougetsu to face Aoi Mikage. Unfortunately for Saya-chan, she couldn’t beat Aoi-sempai as the SR Progress mocks her for not being serious of getting stronger as well as not being special!

And therefore, Aoi Mikage kicked Saya Sougetsu down because fighting against a UC Progress, which she defeated Miumi Hinata by the way, is freaking boring.

Then again, Saya has friends to help her out because unlike Aoi-sempai, she’s not alone and Saya gained the the trust of her fellow UC girls.

After all, Saya Sougetsu became friends with Almaria by letting the vampire drink her blood. Then again, Almaria prefer to use blood packs unfortunately!

Also, Saya became companions to Code Ω 77 Stella and Elel where she previously clear some misunderstandings and gaining their trust through genuine means.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Nya Lapucea where she became friends with, but then again Nya saved Eins without Saya’s help.

But despite of that, Saya Sougetsu and her fellow UC Progress couldn’t beat Aoi Mikage because she’s powered by the Dark Side! I guess all hope is lost for all 5 worlds.

That’s until a Progress from the Blue World showed up and saved Saya Sougetsu from being killed…

…which turned out the be the EXR Progress Miumi Hinata, which Aoi Mikage disdains her for having a higher rank due to her strong natural talent.

Well, I have to say that the Dark Side amplified Aoi’s desire to become stronger due to being jealous of Miumi’s innate ability. But unfortunately for her, it’ll be over soon enough!

Anyways, Miumi Hinata beat Aoi Mikage and as you can see from this explosion, Aoi is finally free from the Dark Side.

And here’s the proof as Aoi Mikage lost her clothes, but then again you won’t see nipples until you buy the Blu-ray release!

Anyways, looks like all of the Progress girls have been freed from the Dark Side. So I guess it’s time to focus on stopping Ouroboros once and for all, right?

Wrong! In fact, Miumi-sempai has gone back to the Dark Side and it seems that she’s the final boss.

By the way, I’m thinking about Amane Ayashiro as the final boss, but fighting Miumi Hinata again is fuckin’ boring!

Oh well, I’ll see you next week for the final episode and once I’ve finished watching it, I’ll be free from Kadokawa and Sega’s control!

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