This is the penultimate episode and Commander Johannes told them that the Unknown came to Earth to find young humans and turned them into their kind.

While most of them accept it such as the Chigusa siblings, Hotaru Rindou, and Maihime Tenkawa…

…others like Aoi Yaegaki couldn’t take it as she fears that their life, and her upbringing with Airi Yunami and Gutoku Asanagi is nothing but a lie.

Then again, it’s previously shown that both Yunami and Asanagi have genuine feelings over the humans, not unlike Mahiru Ookuni who treat the kids as mere tools.

In any case, it’s time for Commander Johannes and her army to do the heavy fighting because the kids are very tired.

But you know what, Commander Johannes will have to destroy the Unknown in one go with her sure-fire cannon!

And as you can see, it wipes out tons of enemies in a single shot. Would it be nice if the beam is thick so that it can destroy more Unknown?

But hey, the good thing is that the sure-fire cannon can be used multiple times, so long as it has enough ammo to wipe out the entire enemy fleet.

Unfortunately, seems that the Unknown are aware of this and destroy the cannon immediately. So much for Johannes’ ultimate weapon!

Well, there’s only one thing left to do…

Have the kids go towards Saitama Administration Headquarters and destroy their former masters and seal the gate.

Well, the Unknowns trained them to become warriors so it’s time to repay them… with blood!

Now then, the Tri-City heads and sub-heads (plus Aoi Yaegaki) have arrived at their former base and stop both Airi Yunami and Gutoku Asanagi once and for all.

Of course, they’re expecting either Yunami or Asanagi showing their true form right now.

But it turns out that only Gutoku Asanagi retained his human form. Scratch the human form part, Asanagi is actually human!

Then again, his reason of betraying humanity and sided with the Unknown won’t be answered unless it exists in the prequel novels, which I doubt that there are no answers at all since this show doesn’t motivate me to read it.

Meanwhile, here’s Hotaru Rindou and Maihime Tenkawa as they’re going underground to save the remaining children.

After all, you don’t want the kids turned against humanity once they woken up from their cold sleep.

Of course, they must face this special Unknown in which I suspect to be Airi Yunami’s true form.

In any case, I’ll see you next week for the final episode and once I’ve finished watching QUALIDEA CODE, I’ll be free from this shitty anime made by A-1 Pictures!

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