Rewrite Episode #12

Here’s Koutarou Tennouji as he’s planning to go back to Kazamatsuri for the Harvest Festa. But given the situation, he won’t return at the moment!

And besides, Koutarou has a harem and the only thing is missing is Shizuru Nakatsu. Then again, Sakuta Ohtori won’t let his hands on Chihaya!

Anyways, looks like this punk has arrived at Kotori Kanbe’s secret base and now he has a name… Midou.

Yeah, this bastard has returned stronger as ever!

And this time, Midou got a tyrannosaurus at his side, destroying Kotori’s familiars with ease!

Well, I have to say that it’ll be a hard time to take this dinosaur down… except for Sakuya.

Fortunately, Kotori has her secret weapon in the form of her parents… who died in a car accident until Kotori revived them.

Right now, they’re familiars but I think Kotori’s parents retain their memories. Too bad that Midou killed them because he’s an asshole!

Meanwhile, Koutarou Tennouji is ready to fight as he unleashed his right claw to defend Kagari from the red-hooded thug.

Of course, Midou is stronger than Koutarou that the thug kicked him in the gut. Fortunately, Koutarou made a counter…

…by slashing Midou with his claw. Looks like the thug ain’t happy that a mere runt just made a scar onto his chest.

Yeah, he’s super angry right now! You know what, he deserved to be beaten after hurting Lucia Konohana in Ep. 10!

Still, Midou will be a harder opponent to beat when he has his dinosaur.

Speaking of Midou’s tyrannosaur, looks like his familiar is being attacked. Could it be that Koutarou got some reinforcements?

Well, it’s confirmed at Guardian is here to help Koutarou Tennouji and take down Gaia’s strongest monster.

Then again, they’re here to capture Kagari since she’s the Key that’ll determine the fate of Earth. Better have Koutarou take Kagari away from Esaka’s men!

As for Midou however, it seems that using his tyrannosaurus familiar has put its toll to his body…

…and therefore Midou burned himself into ashes. Good riddance to that guy ’cause despite having a tragic past, no one will forgive him for hurting Lucia Konohana!

As for Gaia’s strongest monster? It just stopped moving after Midou died.

Meanwhile, Koutarou somewhat escaped from Midou and Esaka’s Knights. On the other hand, his injuries are fully-healed and I wonder who rescued him?

Oh, Shizuru Nakatsu saved him and look at that. The whole gang are here!

Sucks that Akane Senri and Sakuya Ohtori aren’t there, but where’s Kagari?

There she is, but it seems that she’s panicking all of a sudden. I have a bad feeling that Gaia is forcing her to activate the Key towards Earth’s destruction.

And truth to be told, it’s happening right now. Seriously, I think wiping off humanity won’t save Earth!

I mean, this is now what Guardian wanted to happen at the moment as Kazamatsuri is under attack by monsters.

While Sakura Kashima calls it salvation, I think it’s more like extinction as her hatred towards humanity that she accumulated over hundreds of years has finally reached its peak. Honestly, cursing humanity alone won’t solve Earth’s problems!

In any case, I’ll leave you here as Sakura Kashima watch Kazamatsuri go up in flames. If only Sakura-san found one tiny bit of hope that there are a few people who are genuinely good, but alas she’s too senile to realize it.

Well then, see ya next week for the final episode!

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