Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #23

Remember what I told you on last week’s episode that Tomoki Hachijou might not be dead? Well, Mythos weighs in as he believes that Bird faked his death so that he could watch Tokyo burn from a distance!

With the Tokyo Summit coming up, Unit 8 has no credible evidence against Governor Koutarou Inagi.

Well, there is one chance for them as Tatsuhiko Utsumi holds the key that’ll be used against the current governor.

In fact, Dr. Utsumi handled the autopsy of the Peace Party leader Daizou Naganuma who says that he committed suicide. However, some say that Naganuma was murdered by someone else.

In any case, it’s time for Unit 8 to find him or some of his secret files before it’s too late!

Then again, seems that Eriko Kominato found Utsumi’s files hidden at a derelict building. Too bad that she didn’t see the doctor as he’s currently missing.

By the way, KomiEri once accused Unit 8 for misusing tax funds which I hate how it happened! Still, the reporter got some important information for her latest scoop. Anyways, let’s see what’s inside the SD card…

And behold, a rare footage of Koutarou Inagi telling Dr. Tatsuhiko Utsumi that Daizou Naganuma’s death is apparently suicide. Of course, Dr. Utsumi don’t want to until Inagi told him to keep quiet on Naganuma’s murder.

For KomiEri, this is her biggest scoop yet but I think she shouldn’t celebrate just yet as Kominato is in danger!

Hell, a stray Willwear user found the reporter as she knows too damn much about Governor Inagi’s secrets.

Welp, looks like Eriko Kominato is freakin’ doomed after finding important evidence against the Tokyo governor. She should have run away and hide!

Fortunately, Takeru Kuroki has arrived to rescue the reporter! However…

…it looks like the rouge Willwear user has destroyed Kominato’s tablet, which contained the video on Inagi’s conversation with Dr. Utsumi.

Eriko Kominato should have made a backup, but she’s too excited on finding secrets! *sigh*

Meanwhile, Asami Kazari has arrived in her Oscar VI Willwear unit and while she and Unit 9 will handle security for the upcoming summit, Kazari wants to help her former team-mates from time to time.

With that said, this Willwear user is down but it turns out that it’s unmanned. That’s disappointing, I thought Governor Inagi is wearing that Willwear!

But hey, there’s Dr. Tatsuhiko Utsumi as he knows how it happened.

However by the time he was captured by the police, he couldn’t remember a thing including his name. Damn, Unit 8 was so close on finding out the truth!

The worst part is that Dr. Utsumi’s brain was altered using the mind-transfer machine that was featured in Ep. 14. And speaking of Ep. 14, I feel that Takeru Kuroki won’t get hijacked by Raidou at this point. What a waste of a good plot!

Anyways, the Japan City Summit has arrived and delegates from around the world will witness Governor Koutarou Inagi’s greatest plan, which Japan will build a space elevator in the future.

Of course, his plan won’t be possible as Inagi work it out with his dirty hands!

On the other hand, here’s Jirou or Mythos as he makes his move. Oh, and if you think that Mythos couldn’t find the lost footage, you’re wrong…

As it turns out that Kominato’s tablet has a Liko app installed. And thanks to Liko, the footage where Governor Inagi told Dr. Utsumi to hide Naganuma’s murder is finally revealed!

Yup, Governor Koutarou Inagi can’t believe that the video is shown during the summit. Well, he should have taken account of Liko as the app managed to rescue the footage.

But anyways, it’s game over for the ambitious Tokyo governor as Takeru Kuroki told him to suck it up and face the music.

While Inagi helped him of becoming a police officer, seems that Kuroki’s repayment to him is putting the governor behind bars. Looks like this series is over, right?

Not exactly as Tomoki Hachijou has arrived to set the city of Tokyo in flames. Well, Bird got tired of playing with Governor Koutarou Inagi for so long, so Tomoki decides to crush his dreams and his beloved city…

…by bringing the space station down towards the capital of Japan. Looks like Bird has played god for too damn long!

And looks, he’s gloating like an asshole as Hachijou sees the end of Tokyo from a distance. God, I hate him!

Anyways, tune in next week for the grand finale of Active Raid!

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