Macross Delta Episode #25

Hey guys and girls, it’s the penultimate episode and as you can see, Capt. Ernest Johnson isn’t happy about the current situation in Brisingr Globular Cluster.

Walkure lost Mikumo Guynemer to Windermere, Makina Nakajima is alive but she couldn’t perform right now, and let’s not forget Freyja Wion in which her body is starting to wither!

Meanwhile, Reina Prowler uncovered some new evidence from this recording device, which was located inside Wright Immelman’s VF-22.

It turns out that Hayate’s father is a secret agent where he traveled around the cluster to find Protoculture Ruins. Of course, Wright Immelman feared that the New United Nations Spacy would used these ruins as a weapon so he tries to keep it. Sadly, that information is already fell into the hands of Lord Roid Brehm.

As for his role of dropping the dimensional bomb, Wright tries to disobey orders as bombing Windermere would be bad. However, his plane was controlled remotely and drop it anyway. While I want to know who controlled Wright’s VF-22 on that day, I guess we’ll never know because Shoji Kawamori will keep it a secret!

Speaking of the NUNS, looks like the whole fleet has arrived… and they’re equipped with dimensional bombs, ready to drop at Windermere at any moment!

Yeah, he’s gonna do something despicable and it’s about damn time that the New United Nations have finally showed themselves. I thought that they won’t do anything and clean their dirty hands on this war!

Come to think of it, what caused the NUNS to act at this crucial moment?

Well it turns out that Berger Stone told the New United Nations about the Protoculture Ruins in exchange for money. Goddamn that guy!

One more thing, Berger Stone told Walkure and the Delta Squadron that Mikumo Guynermer is the Star Singer. Now, if the Winderemerean Royal Family used Mikumo Guynemer, the chance of being controlled by her song will be far greater as a humanoid will lose its consciousness and his/her body will be in a near-death state.

Lastly, while there’s no confirmation about his claims, Berger Stone believes that Lady M is none other than Lynn Minmay who disappeared half a century ago along with the SDF-2 Megaroad-01. Then again, we’ll never know the truth because Kawamori-sensei will keep it a secret!

Now then, let’s go back to Macross Elysion where Capt. Ernest Johnson are preparing to disembark in Ragna, as Lady M feared that the Star Singer would go to the planet’s ruins and control the entire galaxy with her song.

Meanwhile, here’s Freyja Wion as she’s worried that her life is closing to its end. Therefore, she’s trying to hide it from everyone…

…including Hayate Immelman where he’s here to have a chat with Freyja.

While he’s relieve that his father was the victim of a conspiracy of grand proportions, Hayate wants to check out if Freyja is okay.

On the other hand, looks like Hayate receive a package from his mother Asahi. I guess Hayate’s mother is worried about him for following his father’s footsteps.

Still, I feel that bringing up a package at this current situation isn’t needed unless there’s an item that’s related to one of the characters.

And it turns out that Freyja Wion saw a familiar face after seeing a picture of Hayate and his father Wright. Wait, did she met Wright Immelman before?

Well, it’s a big yes as Freyja met Hayate’s dad when she was young. Also, this is where Wright Immelman gave her the music player which contains famous songs from Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee!

Gotta say, this is a surprising revelation yet Wright didn’t bring his son in Windermere. I guess he fears that Hayate might hate him for dropping a bomb against the Windermereans.

One more thing, seems that Freyja won’t tell Hayate that she met his father before. Um Freyja Wion, you’re triggering your own death flag and you might have some regrets on not telling your feeling to Hayate Immelman!

Now let’s head towards Windermere as they’re preparing to launch their attack at Ragna.

But first, King Heinz Nerich Windermere will have his first taste on using Mikumo Guynemer.

Yeah, she doesn’t like being forced to sing and control all races. In fact, Mikumo is suffering because of Lord Roid Brehm!

As for the NUNS, seems that Mikumo’s voice is controlling the fleet. This is no longer Var Syndrome where everyone went berserk, this is basically mind control!

Oh, and the NUNS detonate their own dimensional weapons on themselves. After all, you lose control of yourself once you hear the Song of the Stars.

Well King Heinz, you just have massacred an entire fleet and you aren’t aware of the consequences. Also, you and Lord Roid have mastered the use of music as weapons, and therefore you must be stopped!

Anyways, tune in next week for the final episode of Macross Delta!

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