NEW GAME! Episode #12

Today is the last episode of NEW GAME! and not only that, today is the release of Eagle Jump’s Fairies Story 3!

Everyone is excited to buy one and remember, no spoilers!

This includes the staff at Eagle Jump where having a free copy isn’t enough. After all, they want goodies apart from the game itself, as buying premium or limited-edition copies is serious business!

And look, both Hifumi Takimoto and Hajime Shinoda are lining up for getting their own premium copy of Fairies Story 3!

Meanwhile, here’s Nene Sakura as she bought her own copy of Fairies Story 3, complete with goodies like illustrations and drama CDs.

Yes, she’s excited that Hajime talks about the goodies inside. However, they shouldn’t forget not to tell spoilers to everybody!

Seriously, keep the plot twists and the ending to yourself, otherwise people won’t buy the game now that you spoil it.

Now then, it’s time for the after-party as Shizuku Hazuki gives her staff a message and lead the toast to the game’s success!

Well, I’m glad that they’re happy that Eagle Jump’s latest game is released without bugs.

Now I’m hoping that Fairies Story 3 get the No. 1 spot in the weekly rankings, apart from having good scores from various publishers and players alike!

Anyways, time to have fun with the developers and artists, as well as getting autographs from one of the voice actors or actresses.

By the way, here’s Hifumi Takimoto as she’s trying to get an autograph, but she’s getting nervous and shy in front of her favorite voice actress.

Um Hifumi-sempai, you need a freaking push from Aoba Suzukaze! I mean, she’s rooting for you!

And now for something completely different as Rin Touyama holds a raffle for those lucky employees.

Then again, Aoba-chan and Hajime won’t get the grand prize.

Anyways, looks like we have a winner… for 3rd prize. It’s Nene Sakura and she’s excited to get it! I wonder what she’ll get?

Well, it’s an M-16 airsoft rifle from Umiko Ahagon. Um Umiko-san, I appreciate for giving an airsoft gun to a part-timer, but Nenecchi is underage and she can’t use it until she’s 18 years old!

By the way, Eagle Jump won’t use part-time employees for debugging their next game, However, Umiko-san told Nenecchi that she’ll be welcomed back in Eagle Jump after graduation.

Lastly, here’s Aoba-chan as she found Kou Yagami daydreaming around. The reason why she’s outside is because Yagami-san is hesitating on taking the Art Director position for the next game.

In fact, Kou Yagami was once an Art Director when working in Fairies Story 2, but it seems that she pushed her team too hard that one employee have quit. So yeah, Yagami is scared that it’ll happen again once she took the job as Art Director.

But you know what, Kou Yagami has a great team and Aoba Suzukaze is looking forward to work with her on the next project!

Also, Aoba-chan wants have her copy signed by Yagami-san.

Yeah, Kou Yagami did sign Aoba’s copy of Fairies Story 3. Isn’t is great that a junior like Suzukaze, who admires her idol Yagami-san, is working her best to not only please the character designer but to make a successful game.

In any case, I have to say that Yagami is very lucky to have Aoba-chan and a few dedicated employees at her side!

And that my friend is the end of NEW GAME!, a great anime adaptation of a Manga Time Kirara Carat title by Dogakobo!

I have nothing to say about this series as the visuals are colorful, the characters and their interaction are mostly cute, the story about the inner workings of a game company is quite good although it paints in a bright light.

With that said, it’s a great anime series to watch and I hope that you’ll hop right into the source material. Then again, I don’t read the manga…

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