BATTERY Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Seiha Harada and while he wants to be a baseball player someday, Seiha is complaining that the rice isn’t cooked well. I wonder who did it?

Oh, it’s Takumi’s grandfather Youzou Ioka which I suspect that he doesn’t know how to use the rice cooker. Well, he should have cook rice the old-fashioned way!

Anyways, Grandpa Youzou told Takumi that he’s not a person chosen by baseball, but become a person who choose that sport. Well, it’s a bit complicated but what Takumi’s grandfather said is that he should know what he’s capable of and widen his surrounding.

With that said, I hope Takumi will take that advice from his grandpa as he has personality issues. Takumi has mellowed out a bit, but he’s somewhat in a rebellious state.

Meanwhile, here’s Shugo Kadowaki and Shunji Mizugaki. Sure that they got in a fight in Episode 9 but it’s all good now. Good thing Yokoteni didn’t suspend the baseball club, or their exhibition match against Nitta East won’t happen.

On the other hand, Shunji has decided not to play baseball or any other sports in high school as he drops his scholarship, something that Shugo couldn’t believe it. But you know what, I feel that Mizugaki is completely burned-out even though he’s talented.

Of course, he and Kadowaki have a game to play against Nitta East in which Shunji doubts Shugo’s ability to beat Takumi and his pitches.

Let’s move onto Nitta East Middle School where Kazuki Kaionji is finally finished his duties as captain of the baseball club.

Of course, his main focus will be the exhibition match against Yokoteni and it’s up to Kaionji on fixing both Takumi Harada and Gou Nagakura if Nitta East want to win.

Speaking of Gou Nagakura, he’s fine and while he have a falling out with Takumi a few times already, Gou has problems catching his fastballs which Kaionji and Coach Tomura is worried about him.

While Nagakura doesn’t like being pitied by Harada, I think he should man up and improve his catching skills, otherwise someone would become Takumi Harada’s next catcher. Then again, I doubt about Takumi making a better pitch with a new catcher.

Anyways, next episode will be the finale and I’m hoping that both Nagakura and Harada will work their weaknesses out. I mean, you don’t want these battery-mates taking the blame for Nitta East’s defeat!

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