Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #12

Here’s the final episode everyone and right off the bat, looks like Kizuna Hida is making his move on Aine Chidorigafuchi!

Also, seems that Kizuna prefer doing lewd things to Aine… in front of the crowd. What a sly motherfucker!

But let’s move onto the episode where Kizuna strips Aine’s panties. Yes, she’s not wearing underneath which most of the holographic students are curious if Aine is going commando.

As for Aine, her body is loving it but that’s not enough to reach Climax Hybrid!

Well, time for Kizuna to take it up a notch where he fondles Aine…

…to a large audience. Sure that the students are created via the simulation room, but that’s enough for Aine Chidorigafuchi to turn herself on!

And yes, Aine just came and I have to say that her mind is lost in ecstasy. All she needs is have her tits fondled and Zeros user is up in heaven!

One more thing, looks like Aine Chidorigafuchu just peed her panties as she finally reached Climax Hybrid.

Of course, my concern is will it be enough to beat Zelshione?

I mean, the leader of the Royal Guards have defeated the rest of the Amaterasu team by herself. Oh, and she’s gonna put Aine Chidorigafuchi in the same situation as Scarlet Fairchild…

…by using Teros’ ability called Heart Rebuild. How severe is Zelshione’s ability be?

Well, it puts a Heart Hybrid Gear user into an eternal nightmare. But for Aine’s case, her nightmare is a bit different from either Hayuru Himekawa and Yurishia Farandole.

In fact, it pertains to her lost memories back when she’s in the Batlantis Empire. Will she lose herself once Aine knows that she’s the long-lost princess of the empire? We’ll find that out!

Then again, Production IMS won’t tell us the truth in the final episode as they’re urging us to read the novel.

Now let’s go back to the surface as Kizuna Hida is furious at Zelshione, that he used Sylvia Silkcut’s abilities against her!

Then again, Zelshione’s Magitech grunts took the attack instead. By the way, I forgot to tell you that Kizuna can now use his team’s Heart Hybrid Gear abilities with his Amaterasu mode!

In any case, Kizuna Hida refused to be beaten by the enemy, as he gives his all to destroy Zelshione and bring his team back to their senses!

Then again, Hayuru, Sylvia-chan, and Yurishia have regained consciousness. I guess Kizuna’s erotic spirit has reached them and rescued the girls from despair!

Still, I’m worried about Aine Chidorigafuchi as she’s unconscious at the moment…

But now it’s time to go back for Kizuna’s beat-down against Zelshione. Looks like he landed a blow to her gut!

Meanwhile for Zelshione, she can’t believe that her pride was tainted by a mere Lemurian!

Therefore, Zelshione has decided to use her final trump card…

…which is controlling Aine Chidorigafuchi as the Royal Guard leader controls her body. Damn, say it ain’t so!

Then again, seems that Aine regained her consciousness. Of course, the question is whether her current life is thrown away or not?

Well actually, she didn’t throw her current identity as seen here where Aine drops Zelshione’s sword.

In any case, welcome back Aine Chidorigafuchi!

As for Zelshione, looks like she’s pissed now that her plan backfired. Honestly, Zelshione shouldn’t underestimate the power of Eros in the first place!

In any case, time to end this as Aine shows her new Immoral Weapon!

Yes, Aine’s hair is changed to pink as she unleashed Code Breaker, which nullifies any Magitech-based weapons and armor in her surrounding.

As for Zelshione, she couldn’t believe it as the Royal Guard leader is being swallowed by Aine’s ultimate attack!

Also, Aine has destroyed the entire fleet and the Entrance is sealed. But thanks to Aine’s power, Tokyo is liberated from Batlantis!

And look, the civilians have woken up from their long slumber. Well, all I could say is that Aine Chidorigafuchi has defeated Zelshione and pushed back the empire in a snap!

Now then, time for some celebration as the Amaterasu team has finished their mission. The only thing that Reiri Hida can do now is to move Ataraxia Academy to Tokyo!

As for Kizuna Hida and Aine Chidorigafuchi, looks like their relationship is closer than ever thanks to the power of eros!

Still, with Zelshione defeated, who will lead Batlantis’ assault on Earth?

Well, there’s a possibility that Nayuta Hida’s aide will lead another wave in the future. But you know what, I feel that Dr. Nayuta is the true boss here as she’s controlling the empire from the shadows.

And with that in mind, this is the end of Masou Gakuen HxH as while Tokyo is saved, it’s a long way to go before Earth is liberated from Batlantis Empire. Then again, Kizuna Hida’s long battle together with his harem will not continue as the series is plague with animation quality issues.

While I give props to Production IMS for airing it uncensored in AT-X, I feel that the lewdness needs a bit “oomph” in order for me to have a hard-on… if you know what I mean. Sure that I love Kizuna not hesitating on fondling breasts and crotches, it’s just that some of his erotic activities with the Amaterasu team didn’t turn me on!

In any case, this show is done I doubt that it’ll have another season. Shinmai Maou no Testament got lucky to air the second half of the series in October 2015 after the first half aired in January, but Masou Gakuen HxH won’t have another season because Kadokawa wants me to read the rest of the novels. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t convince me to read a volume or two.

However, this shocking reveal at the end of this episode, where this new character appeared and told Aine Chidorigafuchi that she’s the long-lost princess Aines Sinclavia, makes me want to have another season for Masou Gakuen HxH.

But you know what, even though my speculation that Aine is the princess of Batlantis back in Episode 7 has come true, I don’t think Production IMS will plan one right away unless they beg Kadokawa to green-light Season 2. Anyways, I’m done with this show!

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