Alderamin on the Sky Episode #12

Here’s Warrant Officer Ikta Solork and while he’s suppose to get busy on formulating a retreat strategy…

Ikta is just sleeping because being lazy is good. Of course, he’s brilliant so you have to forgive him!

Meanwhile, Jean Alkiniks is surveying the battlefield… on a blimp. Yes, Kioka Republic is leading the technological front from flying machines to weapons.

Something that the Alderan army couldn’t believe that they sided with the heretics. But you know what, La Saia Alderamin is lucky to have Kioka as their ally.

After all, Aldera will be done for if they antagonize Kioka just because of their religious beliefs!

Anyways, Ikta Solork has formulated a strategy which his soldiers will tire both the Alderan and the Kiokan Army by stalling them.

As you can see, Matthew Tetdrich and his mates are doing their best to hold the line and burn the ground until they retreated!

Speaking of Matthew Tetdrich, he’s doing fine even though he has inferiority complex. C’mon Matthew, cut it out and be somebody!

Meanwhile, here’s Kala Karm as he and his group of assassins are planning an ambush at the rear.

Now thanks to Jean’s brilliant strategy since he’s always surveying the battlefield at his blimp, Kala Karm have no trouble sniping Katjvarnan troops from afar!

Except that Ikta Solork has anticipate Kala’s ambush tactics as one of the assassins got sniped. Oh, and if they think that Katjvarna don’t have air rifles to counter them…

Well there’s a few of them right now as Torway Remion and his air rifle squad have arrived to take down Kala Karm and his assassin group.

Honestly, they shouldn’t underestimate Ikta Solork as he has the foresight to counter every single attack from both Kioka and Aldera.

Well, looks like Kala Karm’s group is finally defeated, although his band of assassins will return at some point!

Meanwhile, here’s a rare conversation between Ikta Solork and Yatorishino Igsem and while she’s impressed that the invention of firearms would make swords and bows obsolete, Ikta is doing it so that Yatori’s burden would be lighter.

Now if Ikta became a scumbag and fled to Kioka so he could join with Dr. Anarai Khan, Yatorishino would be dead right now and Katjvarna Empire will be destroyed. But because of their friendship during childhood, Ikta stayed with Yatorishino throughout the series.

Now let’s go back to the Kioka-Aldera front where Jean Alkiniks has unveiled a new weapon that’ll call it heresy by La Saia Alderamin.

If you notice what’s underneath the cloth, it’s a cannon!

Of course, this cannon is different as it fires high-explosive shells using compressed solar power. Yeah, Aldera will be scared if they point their sword at them!

The result is devastating as the Imperial Army are wipe out. Oh and you think that the cannons are horrifying, wait till you see the next one…

Turns out that La Saia Alderamin have managed to move across the burning obstacles thanks to Jean Alkiniks’ reconnaissance. Well, looks like the shining genius that never sleeps have trumped Ikta Solork, but how will the lazy strategist turn this situation around on the final episode?

Meanwhile, seems that Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik will hold a military tribunal on Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida and his staff for abandoning the northern Katjvarna region. Yeah, those idiot officials will get punished for saving their own asses!

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  1. Karandi says:

    It certainly was a packed episode. I am really looking forward to how this resolves next episode.

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