BATTERY Episode #11

Wow, can’t believe that this finale started with Takumi’s dream sequence where he hold an anthropomorphic baseball!

It’s weird and it would be better if it showed how Harada’s relationship with Gou Nagakura has improved. Also, they should have work out their weaknesses.

Meanwhile at Yokoteni Middle School, looks like Shugo Kadowaki is very excited as wipes his sweat off after doing batting exercise.

On the other hand, Shunji Mizugaki is here but instead of warming-up for the upcoming match against Nitta East…

…Shunji does this as he sucker punch the hell out of Shugo. What the fuck!

While I believe that it’s Mizugaki’s payback for Kadowaki back in Episode 9, I think he shouldn’t do that or Yokoteni would cancel the game at the last minute.

Well, at least they’re pretty much even!

Also, seems that the official exhibition match between Nitta East and Yokoteni would go on as scheduled. I guess we’ll have to enjoy the game then now that it’s happening!

Oh look, Youzou Ioka and Seiha Harada are here to join Coach Makoto Tomura on seeing Takumi play.

For Seiha, he wants to see his brother’s pitches until he could beat him!

Now then, here’s Takumi Harada getting ready to give his all for this game.

Ball control aside, Takumi is stoic even under pressure but I’m worried that Gou Nagakura might catch 90% of his pitches!

Speaking of Gou Nagakura, he’s fine but I’m worried about him as well for getting pitied at his partner.

On the other hand, I wonder if Gou had a conversation with his mother before this again. Then again, Gou’s mother wants her son to quit playing baseball and inherit the family hospital.

And finally, here’s Shugo Kadowaki and he’s clearing his doubts in order to beat Takumi Harada. After all, his body is ready for this moment!

In any case, let’s end this series with Harada making his best pitch at Kadowaki. Whether it was Takumi or Shugo that won the duel will never be known at BATTERY ends on an ambiguous note.

Well, I have to say that it shows great promise but the story barely scratch the surface, like what happened to Takumi’s friendship with Gou on whether it was improved or not. If Kadokawa and Fuji TV told Zero-G to adapt all 6 volumes into a two-cour anime series, I’ll be okay with that as it’s better than relegating BATTERY to one cour.

With that said, it’s over and we’ll never see it again… Sorry guys, but this show was a letdown!

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