Ange Vierge Episode #12

Hey guys, it’s the finale of Ange Vierge. As much as I want Amane Ayashiro to be the unexpected final boss, she’s stuck as a damsel-in-distress that she can’t scream!

For Saya Sougetsu and her UC allies, they’re concerned that Amane will be swallowed by Ouroboros!

Speaking of Ouroboros, the enemy has sent reinforcements to defend their ultimate weapon and help Miumi Hinata on stalling them until World End has achieved.

Well guys, this can’t be happening and at this point, Ange Vierge will have a bad ending!

That’s until Saya-chan and her friends got some reinforcements to back them up!

And it turns out that Ruby and Aurora are here to stop Ouroboros from completing their objective. Glad that some SR and EXR Progress are helping the UC girls out!

Meanwhile, Code Ω 00 Euphiria is doing her best to decode Ouroboros’ ultimate weapon with some help from both Code Ω 33 Carene and Code Ω 46 Xenia.

Once it was decoded, it’s revealed that Ouroboros is converting the α drivers to the Dark Side, powering up the weapon. Well, Dr. Michael can’t believe it but there’s still hope as α drivers and Progress girls are linked to each other.

Now let’s return to Seiran Island where Clara saw Aoi Mikage and told her to get some rest since she’s recently liberated from the Dark Side.

Also, I think Aoi-sempai should put some underwear unless she doesn’t mind fighting in the nude!

Anyways, Dr. Michael got an idea that’ll save the α drivers. By using a customized Dreamcast console, Dr. Michael made a program which creates a portal inside the α drivers’ consciousness.

But since Amane Ayashiro is the only α driver around, Saya Sougetsu will focus on saving her instead of the others.

Now then, it’s time to see what’s inside Amane’s mind! After all, it’s the reason why Saya fought against Ouroboros in the first place after that tragedy from Ep. 2.

And look, Saya Sougetsu is inside Amane’s consciousness, although it’s a bit bleak compared to the outside world!

Not to mention that the Dark Side has sealed Amane Ayashiro from outside intervention. What the hell happened, I thought Amane-chan will welcome Saya with open arms?

Well, it appears that Amane is lonely… very lonely. In fact, while she’s tagging along with other girls, they can’t understand her.

Um Amane-chan, I think that there are a few people who understand you.

I mean, here’s Saya Sougetsu as she wants to apologize for getting angry in the first episode. Apart from the apology, Saya told Amane that she’s not alone as Saya will try to understand her friend no matter what!

Well, I’m hoping that Amane will understand Saya-chan, but did you know that Amane saw Saya before transporting to Seiran Island? Then again, they didn’t meet eye-to-eye before until they become α driver and UC Progress, respectively.

Anyways, looks like Amane Ayashiro finally understands Saya Sougetsu as she breaks free from the Dark Side!

See, Almaria, Elel, Code Ω 77 Stella, and Nya Lapucea are delighted to see their dear α driver back!

Well then, it’s nice to see Amane-chan returned to her senses. However, it’s not over yet because Ouroboros is finishing up the preparations for destroying all 5 worlds at once!

Also, let’s not forget about Miumi Hinata as she’s still in the Dark Side. I mean, Miumi-sempai is EXR and any Progress who is lower than SR couldn’t beat her!

But not this time as Saya Sougetsu are in equal footing against Miumi Hinata.

Scratch the equal footing part as Saya surpasses Miumi-sempai thanks to her bond with Amane-chan!

And to show how Saya is stronger than before, she can wield two-bladed swords now…

…which is enough to defeat Miumi Hinata with a single slash. With that said, Miumi-sempai is now free from the Dark Side once again!

Of course, Ouroboros is still there and I don’t know why the enemy are hastening the destruction of all 5 worlds.

Maybe they’re doing something that’ll surprise the protagonists, or they just gave up and get destroyed by the Progress girls.

Well it turns out, they’re doing the latter as Amane Ayashiro lends her powers…

…to strengthen Saya Sougetsu so she can defeat Ouroboros in one final blow!

And there it goes as Ouroborus is finally defeated. Hurray for Amane-chan and her friends!

And now it’s time for a heart-warming reunion as Amane is being welcomed by her UC girls!

Yeah, isn’t it sweet that Ange Vierge got a happy ending after a hard-fought battle against a mysterious enemy. But you know what, it’s better than having a downer one.

And that concludes this anime series about Sega and Kadokawa’s trading card game is finally over!

I have to be honest, this series is just average as while it puts characters like Almaria, Elel, and Code Ω 77 Stella into the spotlight, I feel that the show is formulated where enemies are convincing the good characters into joining the Dark Side from Episode 3 to 9. Of course, the last three episode changed a bit now that characters like Eins Exaura and Aoi Mikage are challenging Nya Lapucea and Saya Sougetsu respectively, it feels that the plot is somewhat rushed as there’s no information on what Ouroboros is and why they decided to destroy all 5 worlds in the first place.

Still, it’s safe to say that this show is about promoting a card game and who needs a glorious plot when SILVER LINK will have to make a silly one. Anyways, I’m done with Ange Vierge and if you want to watch it uncensored, go buy the Blu-rays!

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