Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #13

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the finale of Love Live! Sunshine!! and it looks like Aqours are doing their best to qualify until they reached the national tournament.

And remember though, don’t overwork or you’ll collapse in the middle of your performance! I mean, it’s hot today and the 1st year students can’t take the heat, and it would be bad if Ruby, Hanamaru, or even Yoshi- Yohane fainted due to fatigue.

Meanwhile, Aqours are doing their best to promote Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy to aspiring students, yet they got zero applicants. That’s sucks!

But you know what, Chika’s friends are there to support both the school idol group and the whole academy, because they don’t want Uranohoshi to be consolidated by a bigger school in Numazu.

And as you can see, the whole campus are here to cheer Aqours on their latest performance, which is great because Chika-chan and her friends needed their support!

It’s a good thing that the community in Uchiura are backing a local school idol group, much like how Sendai is supporting Wake Up, Girls!

Finally, here are the 3rd year students as Kanan, Dia, and Mari are reflecting on how Chika brought the trio back together.

After all, Chika’s enthusiasm have reached them much like how she reached Riko, You-chan, and the 1st year students!

But for now, it’s time for the seniors to make up their lost time and do their best until graduation.

Isn’t it great that they’re hugging each other, even though some fans prefer the DiaMari or the KanaMari ship. C’mon everyone, the 3rd year students will have a threesome!

And now, it’s time for their performance and let’s hope that they could attract one new prospect on Uranohoshi Academy.

By the way, seems that Sunrise and Lantis didn’t use the first two singles. I guess they’re making new songs for the upcoming First Live next year!

On the other hand, we’re seeing light blue as friends and family gathered to support Aqours.

Damn, I felt teary-eyed upon seeing this, it’s majestic and beautiful at the same time!

And that concludes Aqours’ live performance and the whole anime series. Thanks to Chika Takami and her friends, they’ve attracted one new applicant to Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy. It’s better than zero!

What can I say, this show has surpassed my expectations as I feel that I’ve invested more on the characters than the previous series, although I wanted to see an episode of Dia Kurosawa but I guess it’ll be reserved for the second season if it happens. Other than that, the character and story are great that it sets apart from µ’s, as well as the music and animation which the new staff did a good job!

In conclusion, Love Live! Sunshine!! is the best series that come from the franchise. Then again, Sunrise, Lantis, and ASCII Media Works will surpass that with Season 2. Now if only it’ll be announced during Aqours’ First Live…

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