Here’s something for the final episode as it shows how Gutoku Asanagi met Airi Yunami.

Well, he’s a bit confused that the world he’s living is made up!

Until Gutoku stumbled upon a ball of light that leads him somewhere. What could it be perhaps?

Well, Asanagi saw a naked Airi Yunami. Yeah, she looked confused at first as Airi saw someone…

But then, Gutoku was killed off! It’s sucks, but that’s not the end of his story though.

Now, what you’re seeing here is Airi Yunami’s true form in which she’s an Unknown. As for Gutoku Asanagi, he was revived by Airi, although I wonder if he’s still a human being or not?

But let’s go back to the present and it seems that Aoi Yaegaki has sided with the enemy.

I guess she can’t betray both Gutoku Asanagi and Airi Yunami easily!

For the heads and sub-heads, it’s a shocker but how will they fight against Aoi Yaegaki where she has the power to see everything?

Meanwhile, Airi Yunami is confronting both Maihime Tenkawa and Hotaru Rindou as both Kanagawa representatives are rescuing the children from becoming Unknown grunts.

For Tenkawa and Rindou, they have no idea that the Kanagawa head and sub-head are confronting their former boss who treat them as her precious kids.

Guess we’ll never know about that until it’s too late!

In any case, the battle has begun but I have a feeling that Maihime and Hotaru couldn’t beat Airi-san in her current form.

Let’s go back to Gutoku Asanagi as he’s punching Ichiya Suzaku without much effort. Well, it appears that he doesn’t need powers to beat a Tokyo head!

But let’s see if Gutoku-san can beat Kasumi Chigusa’s shot. After all, normal humans wouldn’t react to a speeding bullet!

Never mind what I’ve said earlier. Not only did he managed to react to Kasumi’s shot, but Gutoku caught the bullet with his bare hand!

I have a feeling that he’s no longer human since Airi revived Gutoku before.

Going back to Aoi Yaegaki as she doesn’t like treated as weak apart from staying with both Yunami and Asanagi.

I mean, they raised her to be what she is now, thus betraying them would mean nothing for Yaegaki!

Still, Asuha Chigusa is in trouble as she can’t use her powers correctly when Aoi-chan used hers to cancel Asuha’s World.

Now let’s return to Gutoku Asanagi as it’s confirmed that he’s no longer human… Well, half of it actually!

It appears that Asanagi is repaying Yunami’s favor like turning children into Unknowns who can repopulate by themselves or some sort.

Also, both Kasumi Chigusa and Ichiya Suzaku are in a pinch. I guess their World is useless against Gutoku-san!

Lastly, both Maihime and Hotaru got beaten by Airi-san. At this point, it’s game over for the Tri-City heads and sub-heads! But wait, something is missing…

Oh, I forgot about Canaria Utara as she supposed to chase Aoi Yaegaki, but Canaria got lost in the end!

Wow, she might be a singer, but Canaria is bad with directions other than her inability to fly.

On the other hand, Canaria stumbled upon a tower where the gate stands atop of it.

Come to think of it, this is where the Unknown arrived to the Kanto region.

But you know what, I think Canaria Utara will try to have the gate react using her voice.

While the gate is somewhat getting a reaction to Canaria’s music, I think it’s a blessing in disguise thanks to her getting lost as she can buff her friends without getting hurt.

In any case, time for a counter-attack where Asuha delivered a head-butt to Aoi-chan…

…followed by a hold which puts Yaegaki closer to fainting. Then again, Asuha won’t kill Aoi as Kasumi’s sister left Yaegaki passed-out!

Meanwhile, both Hotaru Rindou and Maihime Tenkawa are getting a second wind against Airi Yunami.

On the other hand, I like how Hotaru hold her katana with her teeth while spinning around like a top!

Still, the only person who delivered the final blow is Maihime. I guess Hotaru’s attack is just for show!

For Airi-san, it’s farewell as she disappears while silently saying goodbye to Maihime.

One more thing I forgot to tell you, it appears that Airi wants to have a child with Gutoku. But given that she’s an Unknown, it’s impossible to procreate.

Nevertheless, I think she did a good job as a mother to the Tri-City heads and sub-heads, especially towards Tenkawa and Rindou. It’s sad that Yunami met a terrible fate!

Lastly, here’s Ichiya Suzaku as he wants to punish Gutoku Asanagi for misleading him the whole time with his powers.

After all, he lost Canaria once and went to a depression before Kasumi snap Ichiya out of his misery!

As for Gutoku-san, he decides to just give up the fight as Asanagi told Suzaku that Yunami has died at the hands of both Tenkawa and Rindou. Well, it’s sucks that his goddess is no more!

Therefore, Gutoku Asanagi is finally defeated. We’ll miss both Asanagi and Yunami!

Oh, and let’s add Aoi Yaegaki to the list as she went missing after passing-out.

Meanwhile, the gate is starting to close and the Unknown are pulling out at once.

Looks the Tri-City heads and sub-heads have finally liberated the Kanto region from the enemy!

For both the Chiba and Tokyo representatives, it’s finally over and while Ichiya Suzaku and Canaria Utara will lead the city to its restoration, I think both Kasumi and Asuha will spend their time with their real mother Johannes.

Nevertheless, it’ll be a busy day for both heads and sub-heads, especially when they’ll take care of the children that were rescued from the Saitama Administration tower… with some help from the adults, of course.

For the kids, they’ll have a long time integrating them into society as they mostly have missing parents or relatives.

It would be bad if they become bad people when they grow up in a post-apocalyptic world.

As for the Kanagawa representatives, while they’ll lament on Yaegaki, Asanagi, and Yunami’s loss, both Hotaru Rindou and Maihime Tenkawa will play a role in rebuilding the Kanto region.

Of course, the possibility of reclaiming the whole country of Japan from the Unknown would be a sketchy one… unless you beg the Speakeasy crew on making a sequel!

Then again, who needs a sequel as QUALIDEA CODE is finally over! Honestly, A-1 Pictures did a bad job of making this anime series from the get-go as the animation quality is bad, despite showing some glimmer of promise.

While the story is passable and it somehow resolved the plot for the most part, I feel that it was the production quality alone that brought QUALIDEA CODE down. But hey, the authors of Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko, DATE A LIVE, and Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru don’t give a damn about animation quality as long as it’ll hook viewers to buy their prequel light novels!

Anyways, I’m done with QUALIDEA CODE and I doubt that A-1 Pictures will make improvements in the Blu-ray version! *sigh*

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