Rewrite Episode #13

Well everyone, this is how Sakura Kashima and her ancestors wanted… the purge of of all humanity and the destruction of human civilization!

Honestly, this is not true salvation but I guess Sakura-san and previous saints are too senile to notice that there’s one glimmer of hope left until it was too late.

Of course, there are a few people who believe that they can restore Earth to its previous state.

Here’s Esaka-san as he arrived at the scene to kill Kagari in order to bring back human civilization. Then again, there’s no point of killing the Key because the end of the world is happening.

Not in Koutarou Tennouji’s watch though as he fights against Esaka, despite having no combat skills to back up his strength.

And this is where Koutarou got slashed by Esaka. At this point, he’s a goner!

That’s until Shizuru Nakatsu came to rescue Koutarou-kun even though she’s fighting against her master.

Well, at least Tennouji and Kagari are safe, but it looks like both Shizuru and Esaka will have a long fight ahead.

Meanwhile, Koutarou’s wounds are magically healed but it appears that his skin has turned into a wood bark. Ugh, not a good sight there!

Well it turns out that Tennouji used his rewrite powers too much that he’s no longer human. But there’s more to just losing his humanity, as Kotori Kanbe revealed that she pleaded Kagari to save Koutarou’s life by using one of her ribbons.

And here’s one of Kagari’s ribbons that supported Koutarou’s life until now where Kagari remove it from his body.

As for Koutarou’s life, it’ll be supplanted by those two fairies, Gil and Pani. Well, I’m gonna miss those two rascals but it’s not over yet!

Looks like Sakura Kashima has activated the song of destruction, which Kagari is reacting to it in a very unpleasant way.

Sakura-san, you’re making Kagari suffer because of your selfish desire to wipe out humans!

Also, seems that Koutarou’s right hand is getting bigger. I guess he’s still connected to Kagari even though Koutarou no longer has her ribbon.

Well then, it appears that the situation is getting worse as Kagari has transformed into a tree. Damn you, Sakura-san!

So, Koutarou Tennouji tries to reach Kagari even though he’s turning into a tree as well.

Unfortunately, his pleas couldn’t reach Kagari’s as he’s struggling to grab her!

That’s until Tennouji fondled Kagari’s breasts. Really Koutarou, are you suppose to grope Akane Senri’s boobs before? You should have done that!

In any case, Kagari got back to her senses by slapping Koutarou with her ribbons. But you know what, it’s too late now…

…as both Kagari and Koutarou Tennouji are slowly becoming a tree together. Dammit, it can’t end like this!

Meanwhile, the likes of Kotori Kanbe and her friends are slowly disappearing into light. This is what Sakura Kashima’s wish after all, what a wench!

And that’s the end of Rewrite as the series reached its depressing conclusion. This is not a true end, it’s a bad end everyone!

Well, it’s over for Koutarou Tennouji and his friends… until it was revealed that Rewrite finished its first half as 8-bit and Key announced a continuation of the series in the future, so it seems that there’s one glimmer of hope left for the second half!

Now the only thing we need to do is wait for January 2017 to finish Koutarou’s fight to save both Earth and humanity.

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