Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #24

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the finale of Active Raid and while former Tokyo Governor Koutarou Inagi will be arrested, it appears that his aide Chinju will continue Inagi’s policies although I’m skeptical on how he’ll handle the capital.

One more thing, it appears that the space station contains the Image Master hologram projection unit, which it was previously used during the Rudra incident.

And get a load of this as the Image Master was supplied by Carupanuba so that the station can be used as a weapon. Well, Inagi should have know about this before constructing the space elevator, but it’s already happened so there’s no need to cry over spilled milk.

Besides, the only thing he needs to worry about is that the space station will crash down to some parts of the Kanto region!

With that said, it’s time for Unit 9’s Kyoukai-sama to declare a joint operation among the law enforcement and military agencies…

Oh, let’s not forget about civilian companies like Senars Inc. where Abigail and her group of migrant workers are there to assist Unit 8!

Well then, it’s all hands on deck for both Unit 8 and 9 as they donned their Oscar Willwear units.

Also includes Miho Ooshikoushi from the United Self-Defense Force, where she wears her military-grade Willwear to lend Unit 8 a helping hand other than stalking Souichirou Sena.

After all, Ooshikoushi still wants to be with Sena but he’s staying away from his ex-girlfriend. You know what, they should hook up again!

Now then, Takeru Kuroki will handle the space station as his Oscar II unit can fly in space.

A ballistic missile would be a better option but given the possibility of having it rigged with explosives, it’s impossible to destroy the space station unless the government is risking on collateral damage!

Of course, Tomoki Hachijou won’t let them just disable one crucial part of the space elevator that easily as Bird sends his unmanned Willwears to stall them.

Oh, and it looks like Miho got caught by one of the unmanned Willwear. Would it be bad if she’ll fall down while being restrained until Ooshikoushi is reduced to a crisp?

Luckily, Haruka Hoshimiya rescues Miho Ooshikoushi. After all, she and the rest of the Unit 8 team are there to assist Kuroki when trouble arises.

As for Ooshikoushi, she’s caught by Sena-kun but I think Miho doesn’t like being carried by her ex-boyfriend. Seriously you two, get back together!

Well then, it looks like the small fries have already taken care of and the Unit 8 and 9 have safely landed onto Earth.

Now it’s up to Oscar II as Kuroki is near the space station, and all he needs to do is to stop it so that Japan is saved!

But then again, it appears that Bird set up a trap to stall Kuroki more until the station goes down… with more unmanned Willwears!

And look at Hachijou, he’s gloating like a mad man Tomoki makes his escape. Yeah, it reminds me of that voyeur from Episode 19!

In any case, this is why Bird is the most dangerous person in Active Raid!

Now let’s go back to space where Takeru Kuroki is at the defensive. At this point, his Oscar II unit will be wrecked by unmanned Willwears and he’ll die!

That’s until Takeru Kuroki asked the government to unlock Oscar II’s limiters in order to achieve Susanoo Mode.

C’mon, Kuroki is the hero of this show, so therefore his Oscar II must have a Super Mode in order to save the world from evil!

Unfortunately, Takeru Kuroki is aware that his Willwear have reached its limit as his Susanoo form can last only a few minutes, other than Oscar II breaking up until it’s no longer usable.

Anyways, Oscar II goes for his final attack as Takeru Kuroki destroys the trio of unmanned Willwears.

Also, he plans to destroy the space station with his fists even though it’s confirmed to have explosives rigged inside of it!

And this is where Souichirou Sena got mad at Takeru Kuroki for throwing his life away to stop a giant debris from falling into Earth.

After all, Sena wants Kuroki to pay up for his previous mishaps!

In any case, the space station is finally destroyed and Takeru Kuroki has gone up to a police headquarters in the sky! We’ll sure gonna miss him…

Just kidding, turns out that Takeru Kuroki survived the explosion. Damn, he sure got lucky!

Now then, it’s time to apprehend Tomoki Hachijou but it appears that he’s gone to another country.

Not quite though as it turns out that his plane got hacked and landed in Yokota Air Base.

And you know who track Bird down and forced his private jet to land on a military base? There’s one name for that!

It’s none other than Mythos as he beat Tomoki for ditching him back in Episode 12.

Well, the tables have been turned for Hachijou, but Mythos (or Tomohisa or Jirou) won’t deliver poetic justice against Bird.

Hinata Yamabuki will do it as she’s ready to punch her asshole senior until he’s knocked down!

And true to her word, Hinata delivers justice to Tomoki’s face. Well, he’ll be in a maximum security prison for committing various terrorists acts. No parole for Hachijou!

Anyways, the Tokyo crisis is finally over and it’s time to celebrate Takeru Kuroki’s triumphant return to Earth…

…together with his friends and co-workers. It’s a party after all!

Let’s not forget about Souichirou Sena as he’s invited for the party, but he doesn’t need to hold bereavement gifts as Kuroki isn’t dead. I guess Sena wasn’t told about it!

And that my friends is the end of Active Raid. I have to say that this series might not be perfect, but Goro Taniguchi and Production IMS did a good job on Active Raid as it’s a better show along with High School Fleet. I mean, the second half is a major improvement compared to the first half as the story has gone more serious. Of course, there are a few questions remained unanswered such as the possibility of having Takeru’s body taken over by Raidou and the status of Carupanuba after the ousting of the military junta.

Anyways, it was a fun series to watch and if Production IMS made a sequel, I’m okay with that but I rather have this conclusion for now!

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