Macross Delta Episode #26

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the final episode of Macross Delta as Operation: Ragnarok has started and while Macross Elysion are moving closer to the planet Ragna…

I’m worried about Walkure as they have 3 idols, with Freyja Wion getting frail as her life is running out!

Meanwhile, King Heinz Nerich Windermere is about to use Mikumo Guynemer as she’s an artificial being created from the Star Singer.

All King Heinz needs to do is to say the magic word “Rudanjal Rom Mayan”, and Mikumo sings to control the enemy.

C’mon, Lord Roid Brehm plans to use the Star Singer for his plans, something that King Heinz is not aware of it!

Heck, even Walkure is overwhelmed by Mikumo’s powerful singing voice.

Anyways, what exactly is Roid’s ambition other than turning Windermere into the true inheritors of Protoculture, as well destroying the New United Nations?

To put it simply, he wants to control all beings by connecting their minds and combine them into a hive-like entity. What. The. Fuck!?

Um Lord Roid, that’s not the way to use the ruins and Mikumo Guynemer as you’re pretty much destroying an individual’s identity!

Not only that, but you’re emulating Grace O’Connor and her collective bosses from Macross Galaxy when they’re trying to use Vajra and Ranka Lee.

But you know what, Roid Brehm will fail his ambitious plan just like Grace O’Connor…

…especially when they’re a few people like Hayate Immelman and Freyja Wion who wanted to break free from Roid’s control. I mean, they haven’t told their feelings yet!

Anyways, Hayate confessed that he loves Freyja because she’s the reason why he flies freely. At least Hayate Immelman doesn’t treat Freyja Wion as his wings as he truly loves her!

Also, seems that Mirage Farina Jenius confessed her love to Hayate Immelman as thanks to him, Mirage realized that she loves flying.

But you know what, it’s too late now for Mirage as Hayate loves Freyja, which she accepts his feelings even though her life won’t last long.

But hey, it works as the main trio broke free from Roid’s control. Glad that they told their true feelings in the end!

And look, Freyja Wion is back to sing the 1st opening theme which woke Kaname Buccaneer and Reina Prowler up.

Well then, time to hear Walkure’s music as the tactical sound unit sing their heart out, in order to rescue their allies from becoming one with Roid Brehm!

And thanks to Walkure, Hayate, Mirage, and the Delta Squadron are free to complete their mission.

As much as they’re flying together like Maximilian and Millia Jenius, it’s sad that both Hayate and Mirage aren’t lovers.

Of course, Roid Brehm still controls the Aerial Knights which is problematic since he used Keith’s squadron to achieve his ambitions.

Then again, I think Keith Aero Windermere and some of his fellow knights are tough enough to resist Roid’s mind-control!

Now let’s go back to Walkure as Makina Nakajima has returned. Who needs to be confined in bed when Makina gives her all, just like how Yoshino Nanjou did some dancing during Final Love Live! Injuries be damn!

Unfortunately, it appears that Roid Brehm will cut Walkure’s performance short. Look how he ordered his men to fire their cannon at Macross Elysion…

…which creates a hole that suck Freyja, Makina, and Reina away from the stage/bridge area. Damn you Roid, you sure hate idol music!

Luckily, Makina and Reina was saved by an Aerial Knight. I wonder who rescued them?

Oh, it’s none other than Bogue Con-Vaart and- Wait a minute, Bogue was supposed to destroy Walkure but how come he, of all people from Windermere, rescued Makina Nakajima and Reina Prowler!?

On the other hand, he’s fucking blushing! Yak Deculture! Maybe Bogue has gone tsundere to Reina, but I still hate his guts!

Meanwhile, Freyja Wion is falling down and while she’ll be rescued by Hayate Immelman, Freyja is trying to bring Mikumo Guynemer back to her senses!

And lo and behold, it works as Mikumo is back as she dons her Walkure outfit. Well, Roid Brehm is starting to lose his grip of his grand scheme!

Anyways, Freyja Wion is finally saved by Hayate Immelman. Um you two, go get a room once the battle is over!

Oh yeah, I forgot about Ernest Johnson as the Macross Elysion captain don’t want to be left behind this battle!

After all, Capt. Johnson wants to push the Macross Elysion to its limits. Besides, losing its right arm won’t slow it down…

…as the Macross Elysion delivers a left straight punch to Sigur Valens’ hull, opening up a hole that the Delta Squadron to rescue Mikumo Guynemer and stop Roid Brehm from controlling all beings across the globular cluster.

Then again, it’ll be a hard task to complete as Roid still has control over the Aerial Knights!

Fortunately, not all of them are controlled by Roid as a certain White Knight has arrive to assist Hayate and Mirage.

Yup, it’s Keith Aero Windermere as he realized that his vengeance against the NUNS has blown up to catastrophic proportions thanks to Roid Brehm’s ego!

Therefore, it’s up to him on stopping his friend once and for all. But you know what, he should have realized that what he and his fellow knights are doing against the New United Nations and the various races across the Brisingr Cluster is morally wrong.

Meanwhile, Mirage Farina Jeniuns has rescued Mikumo Guynemer and it’s time for them to make their retreat. But wait, Hayate Immelman is supposed to kill Roid Brehm right?

Well, not this time though as he and Freyja Wion has gone out of Sigur Valens. This means that it’s up to Keith Aero Windermere on stopping Roid Brehm!

Then again, his customized Sv-262 Draken III got destroyed. At this point, all hope is loss now that the White Knight is killed in action.

Nah just kidding, Roid Brehm got stabbed by Keith Aero Windermere. Finally, his dream of controlling all beings into a single entity across the Brisingr Cluster is over!

For Keith Aero Windermere, as much as I hate him before for treating his brother Heinz like a tool and killing Messer Ihlefeld during the first half, Keith is starting to care about King Heinz after learning about his deteriorating health.

Alas, it’s too late for sticking to his chivalrous beliefs as Keith is just a pawn to Roid’s plan…

But hey, the White Knight has done something right by killing his own friend, all in the name of preserving identity of various humanoid races instead of becoming a collective entity that’ll be a threat across galaxies.

After all, he’s satisfied on defending his home planet than becoming an ambitious ruler just because he and Roid’s life are short!

Sadly, Keith Aero Windermere won’t make it out alive as he lost his plane, therefore losing his life as the structure that connects the Sigur Valens and the Protoculture ruins collapses. I’m gonna miss the White Knight…

As for the Kingdom of Windermere, King Heinz Nerich Windermere II orders his troops to retreat to their homeland.

After all, they’re finished with their fighting against the New United Nations as they’re now asking for peace talks.

However, I feel that a peace agreement between the two sides will take a long time to happen, given the atrocities they did for both Windermere and New United Nations.

Still, the only winner for this conflict is none other than Berger Stone and his Epsilon Foundation as they made a huge profit of selling weapons to both sides. Maybe in the next Macross show, I think we’ll see a company similar to Epsilon Foundation.

And now, let’s celebrate as civilians are finally freed from becoming part of Roid’s hive mind. Well, this war is finally came to an end!

But you know what, I feel that the story of Macross Delta is bit of a whack. While it’s an improvement over AKB0048, the problem is that I couldn’t sympathize Windermere for having their planet bombed. While the likes of Hermann Cross and Cassim Eberhart are the only sympathetic characters within Windermere, the rest are plain bad and/or stupid as waging war against the New United Nations is an idiotic idea. Driving the NUNS out of Windermere is enough, but Roid Brehm capturing various planets for their ruins so he can enslave various races is too much!

Speaking of the New United Nations, it’s sucks that it wasn’t explored much as they’re responsible for using dimensional weapons in the first place. I think Kawamori-san should explore on New United Nations on his next entry as there might be cases of incompetence and corruption, but right now the scope of NUN is very vague and making them bad is an afterthought.

Other than having problems for both factions, some questions are not answered at all. We don’t know if Lady M is actually Lynn Minmay, as well as who controlled Wright Immelman’s plane remotely and dropped the bomb.

Nevertheless, we’ll never know as Shoji Kawamori will keep those answers to himself, but now it’s time for the epilogue as Walkure and the Delta Squadron are back in their home planet Ragna!

On the other hand, seems that Chuck’s sister Marianne survived after being left out at the end of Episode 13.

Well, Chuck Mustang is happy that his family is back together! As for Arad Mölders, he’s also happy that the war is over, but he’s still a bit somber that his mates are gone including Messer Ihlefeld.

Meanwhile, Walkure is back together now that Mikumo Guynemer has returned!

While the tactical sound unit will do concerts, I’m worried about the current line-up as Freyja Wion is getting older.

Come to think of it, the only thing that Macross Delta improved over AKB0048 is the music as Walkure has more songs than the 9-member group NO NAME. Heck, there would be concerts for the 5-member idol group in the future!

Moving onto Mirage Farina Jenius as I felt sorry to her. Sure that I want Mirage to pair up with Hayate in the earlier parts of Macross Delta, but it appears that she’s just a team-mate to him in the end.

Seriously, it’s a shame that Kawamori somewhat neglected Mirage as she could be a potential rival to Freyja. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be…

Finally, here’s the official couple: Hayate Immelman and Freyja Wion!

Glad that there’s a clear winner in this love triangle, but there’s uncertainty to what future will Freyja holds as her body is deteriorating. It would be better if she and Hayate would spend their quiet lives together and have a family…

In any case, I’ll leave you with this final shot as both Hayate and Freyja are flying to the unknown!

Should Shoji Kawamori and Satelight go back on Macross Frontier, they should fix the plot via the compilation movies or make an OVA about the aftermath of the war between Windermere and New United Nations.

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