Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #05

Here’s Tia and Sara as Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars has returned from its hiatus!

While they’ll just manning up a food stall, let’s hope that the series will have some good animation quality.

Meanwhile, here’s both Yui and Rena as they’re comforting each other as sisters. It doesn’t matter if they’re not blood-related as well as Yui being the Empress of Enastoria, she and Rena protect each other in times of danger.

Of course, they’ll face a bigger challenge on this week’s episode…

In fact, Abel Lundestad has returned for a rematch! While he tried to take Rena away from Yui on the previous episode, Abel decides to kill Rena to a duel!

Anyways, Commander Lundestad summons his Regalia Gear as he’s ready to fight against the Magna Alecto.

As much as he’s using an artificial Regalia, Abel will be beaten by a real one!

Well, the problem is that Yui has no battle experience. Combined with Magna Alecto’s current power, Yui and Rena couldn’t beat Abel Lundestad.

See, both of them got kicked away by Abel Lundestad. Well, he’s disappointed that both Yuinshel Asteria and Rena aren’t prepared for this duel!

Anyways, looks like Commander Lundestad will have to do a mercy kill at Magna Alecto as he cuts its right arm.

At this point, it’s game over for both Yui and Rena!

However, it appears that their sisterly bonds will overcome this dire situation as they work together to bring Magna Alecto to its full potential, without succumbing to some curse that’ll shorten the Yui’s lifespan or make her insane.

In any case, both Rena and Yui are back in action thanks to their sibling love!

And look, Magna Alecto’s right arm has returned, which is actually Magna Alecto’s weapon Erinius that was lost 12 years ago.

Now that Magna Alecto’s right arm is back in shape, it’s time for both Rena and Yui to finish Abel Lundestad off…

…using its right arm to unleash its final attack “Graphite Charge” straight at Abel’s Regalia Gear.

Well, Abel Lundestad and his Regalia Gear just got beaten by a souped-up Magna Alecto. You know what, I pity him so much.

I mean, he should have help Ingrid and Kei on rebuilding Rimgarde. But alas, Abel throw his life away for a senseless battle against Yui and Rena.

Anyways, Abel Lundestad has been killed! While Johann will just shrug it off and continue to his next subject…

But for Ingrid Tiesto and Kei, it’s a devastating loss to a man who served Rimgarde until its dissolution. We’ll miss Commander Lundestad!

As for the victors, Rena and Empress Yuinshel Asteria are back to Enastoria’s capital…

…where they’re greeted by the people for their triumph against the enemy from another country. Looks like they’re okay having the empress fight against invaders, but will they support Yui in the end?

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as Regalia is back in action!

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