Alderamin on the Sky Episode #13

This is the final episode as Jean Alkiniks, the shining commander who never sleeps, is now preparing for one big strike against the Katjvarna Empire…

…yet it seems that Ikta Solork and his men made one last-ditch effort to save themselves. Then again, Jean and his troops will crush them!

Unfortunately, Jean’s perfect plan of dismantling the Northern Katjvarnan troops are shattered when they made a surprise attack.

And the genius thought that Katjvarna will make a fire wall in front of them? He’s damn wrong!

It turns out that Jean Alkiniks and his troops got caught in one of Ikta Solork’s trap, which mess up Kioka’s ranks by blinding them with light spirits!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Yatorishino Igsem as attacks the enemy from the rear. I mean, she’s capable of killing soldiers in a swift manner!

And look at Jean Alkiniks’ face, he’s perplexed to see that his troops are in disarray! And you know what’s irritating for him?

The fact that Ikta is asking the unsleeping genius for negotiations makes him very salty on this battle!

In any case, Jean has no choice but to accept Ikta’s negotiation.

Anyways, Ikta Solork told Jean Alkiniks to order his troops to pull out so that Ikta’s forces can make their retreat.

However, Jean wants him to surrender but Ikta has other plans…

…like ordering Torway Remion to shoot the Kioka commander right away should the negotiation fails. Oh and he’s not joking as Ikta used his own light spirit Kus to point the beam at Jean’s chest.

With that said, Jean Alkiniks reluctantly accepted Ikta’s proposal as La Saia Alderamin and Kioka Republic forces have pulled out, thus the Katjvarnan troops made their retreat with a few casualties. Had the negotiations failed, it’s gonna be a bloody fight!

Anyways, the Northern Garrison forces have returned with only a few scratches. Oh and Nanaku Daru’s Sinack Tribe? They’ll get their home back after being displaced by Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida’s genocide campaign gone horribly wrong!

For Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik, she’s glad that her friends are safe, including Ikta Solork where she has plan for him in the future.

Of course, the only thing she’ll do now is to punish the Lt. General…

…which she ordered a military tribunal against Tamtooktsk Safida. As for the result? I would consider it as poetic justice to those corrupt officials within the empire.

Tamtooktsk Safida is demoted to private and he’ll be executed for committing genocide against the Sinack tribe, while endangering the Katjvarnan troops stationed in the northern region. Well, that takes care of Safida and idiot campaign of massacre!

In any case, Tamtooktsk Safida’s execution serves a reminder that Princess Chamille won’t allow any military officers on letting its troops die or commit heinous acts. Even though one corrupt officer will get the chopping block, it’s not enough to change the Katjvarna Empire as it’s rotten to the core.

So, Princess Chamille told Ikta to let the empire lose against the Kioka Republic. Oh and to make it harder for Ikta Solork, the princess wants him to forfeit the war in a good way where the empire will remain along with its culture, but adopting Kioka’s principles in order to turn her country into a better one.

In any case, that’s the end of Alderamin on the Sky as it ends with Ikta Solork getting second thoughts on Princess Chamille’s proposal. Yeah, that’ll be a tedious task for him and also, he’ll have to worry about Yatorishino Igsem as she wants to protect the empire no matter what!

Well, I’ve enjoyed watching this series as it’s a good adaptation by Madhouse. While I want this show to have another season, I feel that it’ll be overshadowed by various anime series as Alderamin on the Sky deserved some love. Maybe in the future, it’ll get Season 2 but it’s unlikely to happen…

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