Kuromukuro Episode #26

Well, Yukina Shirahane is sad that Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma will leave towards space and stop Efidolg in order to save the future.

As much as he declared that Yukina-chan will be his wife, Kennosuke shouldn’t leave yet before tying the knot!

But you know what, I think she should join Kennosuke and while he wants to marry Yukina someday, Ryouto Akagi wants to let her join the samurai as he’s bitter that Kennosuke told him to take care of Yukina!

Meanwhile, Kennosuke is about to break Muetta free before something bad will happen to her.

With the help of Zeringer Mundef Bischlei, they’ll make their escape and use the hinge stone to create a portal to another galaxy. However, will Kennosuke succeed?

Now then, Yukina goes to the UN Kurobe Laboratory together with her friends as usual.

Of course, they’re just here to break Muetta out from her cage but before Yukina and her friends will do the deed, Jundai Kayahara wants to visit a person…

…like Dr. Hausen, which I don’t know why Kayahara wants to see a mad doctor like him?

It turns out that Dr. Hausen is actually Jundai Kayahara’s father. Damn, I can’t believe it!

But you know what, Jundai is here to get Dr. Hausen’s video recording equipment unnoticed. Also, Dr. Hausen is divorced to Jundai’s mother as he wants to focus on his research.

Still, it’s a surprise that Kayahara has a father in the form of Dr. Hausen. No wonder Jundai got his crazy and daring attitude to get a scoop into dangerous things!

On the other hand, it looks like Yukina and her friends will have some support from Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki, where he wants to help Sophie Noël as her butler as well as securing a future of Earth.

C’mon, who needs to protect the present where they can support Kennosuke on fighting for the future of mankind!

Let’s go back to Kennosuke as he’s been caught while escaping both Zeringer and Muetta by UN troops…

…which they’re led by Carrie Dunham. I wonder what happened to Heath Kingsley?

Anyways, Carrie Dunham declared Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma as a threat. But seriously, the samurai has noble plans for Earth’s future by destroying Efidolg once and for all!

Fortunately, help has arrived as they’re rescued by Muetta’s geoframe…

…which is piloted by Yukina-chan. Well, it’s surprising that she can pilot Muetta’s geofram and the Kuromukuro, since Yukina has the same DNA as Muetta.

Also, Jundai is here to record what’s happening inside a geoframe cockpit and stream it across the world for more viewers. C’mon, Kayahara is an attention whore!

Meanwhile, both Sophie and her butler “Sebastian” Mozuki are piloting mini-mechas to clear an escape path for Kennosuke and his two companions. Oh and as for the red smoke?

It was actually done by Ryouto Akagi as he throw red smoke to create chaos in Kurobe Laboratory.

Don’t worry though, he won’t get shot by UN troops because Ryouto is a minor. However, his father will scold him for making trouble!

Now let’s go back to Kennosuke as he got his personal geoframe Kuromukuro back!

Also, he brought Muetta as intended because Kennosuke doesn’t want Yukina to join him to Zeringer’s home planet and destroy Efidolg there.

You know what, Yukina won’t be happy being left out!

Meanwhile, Zeringer gave the coordinates to Efidolg and other data to the UN personnel should they rebuild the ship and use it to travel across the galaxy.

Well, at least Paula isn’t scared at Zeringer as she’s grateful that his information have save humanity from being enslaved to hostile aliens like Efidolg.

Speaking of Yukina Shirahane, she wants to join Kennosuke no matter!

See, I told you that Yukina wants to join his quest on destroying Efidolg and rescue Zeringer’s planet. After all, you don’t want your betrothed being left behind!

Unfortunately, she got separated when Yukina got attacked by someone. Who could that bastard be?

Why it’s none other than Tom Borden as he’s stopping Kennosuke because he’s following orders. Also, the present is worth protecting over the future of humankind.

Really Tom, you’re no longer human after piloting Fusnarnie’s geoframe and you’re still following orders where you can join Kennosuke and kick some Efidolg asses!

Also, Tom Borden is piloting Imusa or Lefil’s geoframe but you know what, Tom should train his US soldiers to use GAUS geoframes in order to prepare themselves from Efidolg invasion should he can’t go to space!

So wait a minute, that means Liu Shen Mi is piloting Fusnarnie’s geoframe? I guess we’ll never know…

Anyways, time for Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma to stop Tom Borden with a single strike!

Just like a samurai, one strike is enough to bring Tom Borden down to the ground.

Well, that foul-mouthed American soldier is gonna fall towards the atmosphere! Now then, looks like it’s time to him to get back at Yukina-chan.

Unfortunately, it’s too late as he went to the portal together with Zeringer and Muetta. Dammit Kennosuke, you should have told Zeringer to open up the portal later!

As for Yukina-chan, it’s sad that Kennosuke will venture to the unknown but Yukina promised that she’ll get him back no matter how long it takes.

It’s sucks that parting ways between a modern girl and a samurai is the most heart-breaking of all on this final episode!

With that said, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is gone after going to the portal together with Zeringer Mundef Bischlei and Muetta.

As the hinge stone is starting to break apart, the only thing what’s left for the samurai is to fight for the future!

Well, that was a bittersweet end to this mecha anime by P.A.Works. They sure challenged themselves into dipping their feet onto a new genre and the staff did a great job about it!

Anyways, Kuromukuro has a good plot progression as it uncovered mysteries surrounding both Kennosuke’s origins, as well as Efidolg’s past contact with humans and their true intentions. Sadly though, we’ll never know what Efidolg’s true form will be outside of controlling various species across galaxies, nor its status on whether Efidolg is still fighting against an opposing force or it’s already defeated.

On top of having good plot, I love the characters of this show such as Sophie Noël, Zeringer Mundef Bischlei, and minor ones like Tom Borden and Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki. Then again, I still hate Jundai Kayahara for being a crazyass cameraman! Other than that, I like how both Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma grow as the series progressed towards the end. In fact, the former got a bit smarter and brave than before…

So much that 5 years after Kennosuke ventured to space, Yukina matured into an independent woman who wants to bring her samurai back together with Sophie and “Sebastian” Mozuki. I mean, it’s a promise that she wants to achieve no matter how far or long it takes!

Oh yeah, it appears that Earth has developed advanced technology from the last 5 years, that major countries have geoframes to fight against Efidolg should they come back in 219 years from now. But you know what, I think Kennosuke, Zeringer, and Muetta might have defeated Efidolg but we’ll never know until Yukina brought them back!

One last thing, this is their ride as they’ll use it to find the samurai. Then again, if only P.A.Works made an OVA or a movie about their reunion…

Well then, it was a fun ride watching Kuromukuro!

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