Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #01

Hey everyone, it’s an anime adaptation by Lerche. Based on a light novel by Asari Endou, this series is about magical girls.

Well, it’s more like a smartphone role-playing game about magical girls…

…and Koyuki Himekawa is one of them where she loves magical girls since childhood.

Of course, she’s content on playing Magical Girl Raising Project and living the dream!

That’s until the mascot of the game Fav appeared to tell Koyuki that she can become a magical girl… for reals this time.

And Koyuki thinks that it was just an event, she’s damn wrong though!

It turns out that Koyuki Himekawa is one of the lucky few who would become a real magical girl…

…complete with a transformation sequence, enhanced abilities, and a cute costume to boot!

Anyways, Koyuki becomes Snow White as she has the power to hear people in distress from far away.

And look, she’s really living the dream as a bonafide magical girl. In any case, Koyuki saves people using her magic powers…

…and even meet her fellow magical girls such as La Pucelle, who is actually Koyuki’s long-lost childhood friend Souta Kishibe.

By the way, Souta is a guy who also loves magical girls, so it’s surprising that Koyuki’s friend is living the dream as well.

Anyways, I have to say that Lerche did a good job on adapting Magical Girl Raising Project so far. Let’s hope that the next episode will have a fun time with magical girls… I hope!

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