Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #01

Long time ago, there was a girl who saw a young red-haired witch near the lake…

…and she was fascinated by its beauty and magic. Of course, that was the past.

This is the present where the young girl has turned into a fine princess. Unfortunately for Princess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt, she was captured by Germanic troops…

…led by this bespectacled man who has plans to use Princess Finé for the glory of the Germanic Reich.

To make matters worse, Finé’s country is being invaded by Germania so having the princess captured by the enemy would be a devastating blow for Eylstadt.

Still, Princess Finé would rather die for her country than becoming a puppet to Germania as she fights back against her captors.

But eventually, Princess Finé got shot at the right shoulder. At this point, she’s done for as Finé might get killed, raped, or both!

However, something strange happened inside the airplane as there’s a person who got out from her container.

Then again, I have a feeling that this red-haired girl is very familiar… Wait a minute, I think this girl is the witch that the princess saw when she was young

In any case, the Germanic soldiers are surprised that the witch has awakened, which was supposed to use her as a secret weapon to crush the Allied Forces.

But now that it’s woken up and recognized Princess Finé, it appears that the witch won’t be used by Germania anymore.

Of course, due to its sudden awakening, the plane exploded and the passengers have blown away. Looks like there are no survivors upon looking at it!

Fortunately, this witch named Izetta has come to rescue Princess Finé from dropping to her demise.

All I can say is that it was a fateful encounter between the witch and the princess!

Anyway, that’s the first episode of Shuumatsu no Izetta and it was a great start to this wonderful anime adaptation by Ajia-do Animation Works, best for having notable works like Zettai Shounen and Nintama Rantarou.

Well, the staff did a good job on evoking the horrors of World War 2 while injecting magic and fantasy. Let’s hope that they continue it on the next episode!

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